Randall Batinkoff Wife Hilary Lambert And Happy Family Of Three

Randall Batinkoff wife Hilary Lambert founded American Sports Bra Inc. in 2009. Randall and Hilary share a daughter named Isabel Lambert Batinkoff.

Randall is an actor who has also directed a couple of projects. He is a New Yorker who grew up in Ferndale, New York.

The actor is 54 years old and has a sister named Stephanie Winston Walkoff. She is an event planner and has been spotted with Batinkoff at several events.

The talented individual started his acting journey with a commercial in 1974. He was with his mother at a toy store when an agent approached him.

Since then, he has featured in a wide array of films and television series. He started in movies with Streetwalkin’ and has acted in other ventures such as For Keeps, School TiesThe PeacemakerAs Good as It Gets, and The Last Champion.

Likewise, he has proven his worth in directing with 37: A Final Promise and Inside Game. Another project titled Head Trip is in the post-production stage, which he has directed and co-written with his wife, Hilary.

Hilary Lambert Is Into Bussiness

Randall Batinkoff wife Hilary Lambert is from Santa Monica, California. Hilary is a businesswoman with some film projects as her sidekick.

Hilary Lambert Education

Hilary Lambert attended The Spence School in New York. It is an all-girls school. Lambert went to France to complete her high school.

After returning to the United States, Hilary enrolled in National Outdoor Leadership School. She was there only for a semester, where she learned mountaineering and wilderness first aid.

Similarly, in 1987, Randall’s better half got into Brown University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts. She did her major in American Civilization and Architectural History.

Hilary graduated in 1991. During her time in college, she also enlisted in Women’s Crew and Women’s Peer Counselor.

Hilary Lambert Profession

By profession, Hilary is the designer and founder of American Sports Bra Inc. She started the company in June 2009.

The company is catered towards manufacturing patent bras for women. More specifically, their specialty is producing sports and post-surgical bras, as per Hilary’s LinkedIn profile.

Hilary’s vision behind the commencement of the company included her experience. She states that the lack of sports bras and the void of support for her as a teenager encouraged her to initiate the brand.

Lambert points out that be it in sports or after surgery, her company is dedicated to providing support and comfort for women. She quotes Dr. Andrew Salzberg and his recommendation to his patients to make post-surgical bras, per her testimonial on the company’s website.

Hilary is not a one-trick pony who is just into business. Like her husband, she is multi-talented and has been involved in several ventures.

She was a part of 37: A Final Promise. LikewiseHilary co-wrote the television series Head Trip with her husband. She has also provided her voice in 2010’s video game Kick-Ass: The Game, which was produced by Randall.

Similarly, some other firms and institutions that she was affiliated with in the past include

  • UCLA
  • Torrance City Cable
  • SM City Cable
  • Sandpail Production
  • Granada Entertainment
  • National Geographic TV

Randall And Hilary Relationship

Randall and Hilary crossed each other paths for the first time in the later 1980s. They are both alumni of Brown University.

Hilary attended Brown University from 1987 to 1991 and Randall from 1988 to 1992. They majored in different subjects; Hilary in American Civilization and Randall in International Relations.

Randall was a year junior to Hilary in college. But, it did not stop the pair from building a relationship.

After finishing college, the actor returned to the movies. In 1992, he was spotted with his then-girlfriend, Hilary, at the Westwood Premiere of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

The details about their marriage are not public. However, they are happily married and living peacefully with their daughter.

On 15th November 2009, Batinkoff and Lambert were in Laxart, an art center in Los Angeles, California. They were there to attend LAXART Benefit Auction.

The pair attended the special screening for 37: A Final Promise, the directorial debut of Randall, in Beverly Hills, California. They were joined by other cast and crew at Laemmle’s Music Hall.

The couple also attended the 111th Anniversary Bachelors Ball on 20th February 2016.

Randall and Hilary have a daughter together

The couple welcomed their first and only child on 11th May 2010. Her name is Isabel Lambert Batinkoff.

Isabel will be celebrating her 13th birthday in 2023.

The couple has distanced their daughter from the media and kept much of her information private. She is occasionally spotted with her dad and mom in public.

The family of three was seen attending the launch of Greg Lauren’s collection on 26th February 2011. At that time, Isabel was a toddler of nine months.

Likewise, Randall congratulated his child on her 10th birthday. He posted a photo of him and her daughter cycling in the neighborhood through his Twitter account.

Isabel was also spotted with Randall on the sets of The Trouble with Billy with her father, who acted in the movie. She wore a hat and a beautiful dress. Randall posted the picture on his Instagram.