Rana Sanaullah Is At Hospital: Is He Dead Or Alive? Death Rumors Trending On Internet

Rana Sanaullah hospital update has been shared with the public. People have been curious to know if he will be accepted or not. 

Sanaullah is a politician from Pakistan who is currently the 39th Interior Minister. He has been a member of the Pakistani National Assembly since August 2018.

He started his career as a politician long ago; he was always interested in politics from an early age. 

The Anti-Narcotics Force arrested Sanaullah on the motorway in an alleged drugs-related case in recent year, 2019.

The news about his death and health issues has been going on since Friday; people have been curious to know more about his health. 

Rana Sanaullah Is At Hospital: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Rana Sanaullah from Pakistan is alive. Currently, he is in a hospital being recovered from his health issues. 

He was taken to the hospital on Friday, and the picture of him in the hospital went viral. So, people were concerned about his health issues. 

In the picture, he was lying on a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown and an oxygen mask. He was taken to the hospital in the emergency when he fainted in his room. 

After his pictures went viral, he sent an audio message to the concerned people. In an audio statement, he said that people were concerned about my health; I am perfectly fine now. 

He mentioned that he had heart surgery back then, so people with heart problems often face these problems, which is normal. 

His hospital visit was due to a minor procedure and a general checkup, and he is just having some checkups. 

According to what he shared, he will probably get discharged from the hospital soon and be seen working at his place again. 

Not only people from Pakistan, the people globally got concerned about the Minister’s health for a while. 

But when he shared the audio with the public, everyone was relieved to know that he was fine and would be doing fine soon.

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Death Rumors of Rana Sanaullah Trending On the Internet

Rana Sanaullah has not died yet; the news about his death has been going viral on the Internet after being admitted to the hospital for some checkups. 

The information about his discharge from the hospital has not come out yet, so he is still in the hospital. 

Before he shared the message about him being acceptable at the hospital, people assumed that he was no more with us because of his hospital picture.

He is still doing routine checkups and should be at the hospital for some time, so he has not been out of the hospital since Friday.

The picture which went viral was unbelievable; he was seen with the oxygen mask and lying in bed. Red marks near his eyes were also seen, so people were concerned about his health.

Hopefully, he is doing fine now and will leave the hospital soon. He will need some time off from his work because of his health.

So, he might not be seen at work soon, but he is doing okay now. And the news about his death is all fake news.

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