Radio Host Penelope McQuade’s Car Accident Almost Took her Life: Where Is She Now

70-year-old Penelope McQuade is a famous Canadian radio and television host.

McQuade is French-Canadian and has worked in the television and radio industry since the early nineties. Almost all of her work has been in French as she is one of the most seminal figures in French Canadian media and has been so for decades.

McQuade has built a career on discussing the trends of the modern cultural landscape. Through her works in various television shows, radio shows, magazines, and podcasts, she has been both a voice and a facilitator of voices that aim to understand and dissect modern culture, be it through music, social media, news, gossip, and many more.

Her influence on the modern French-Canadian famous media landscape is immense, and her 63.4K followers on Instagram is a testament to that. Besides her work in media, McQuade is also an avid traveler and yoga enthusiast.

Learn About Radio Host Penelope McQuade’s Car Accident That Almost Took her Life

In mid-2009, Penelope McQuade was in a terrible car accident that almost took her life.

According to the authorities, while McQuade was driving down the highway and swerved out of control which caused her to veer out of the highway, and as she was not wearing a seatbelt, she was ejected through the sunroof. Sources say the accident happened when McQuade left her job at Salut, Bonjour, driving on highway 20 towards Montreal.

At around Laurier-Station, McQuade plugged her BlackBerry phone into charging in her cigarette lighter. After this proved a little uncomfortable, she unfastened her seatbelt so she could connect her iPod.

As she was driving a 2008 Jetta model with the stereo inside the glove compartment, the process of plugging in an iPod was strenuous. During that process, the television and radio host lost control of her vehicle and rolled off the road.

Fortunately, although she was ejected from her car through the sunroof, she did not lose her life, although her injuries were severe. Her injuries included: a fractured right femur, fractured sternum, multiple rib fractures, minor dorsal vertebrae fractures, a fractured right hip, and a damaged left knee.

Sources reported that she spent five hours on the operating table. However, over a decade removed from that experience, the accident has not seemed to have had any lasting effect on McQuade, who is currently physically fine.

What Is Penelope McQuade Doing In 2022?

Recently, Penelope McQuade has been embroiled in a lawsuit with Julie Snyder by Gilbert Rozon.

The founder of the Just for Laughs comedy festival has sued both Julie Snyder, host of La Semaine de 4 Julie, and McQuade for sexual assault allegations against the Canadian impresario. The claim for the defamation is $450,000.

The claim follows comments both women made in a 2019 interview where they admitted that they had both been assaulted by Rozon in the past. These allegations are among a long string of allegations being brought against Rozon, who has been involved in controversies surrounding sexual assault since 1998.

Rozon was charged with allegations again in 2017, which led to him resigning his position, and in 2020, after three years filled with long trials, he was cleared of all charges. However, he is still the object of civil suits filed by six women with over $9 million.

Snyder and McQuade are among that suit, but Rozon has attempted to make this appeal, stating that their claim has further damaged his reputation. McQuade and her team have said that Rozon’s reputation was destroyed years beforehand and has asked the court to rule in her favor and Rozon to reimburse her for the costs she has incurred to defend herself.

Penelope McQuade Family

Penelope McQuade is the daughter of journalist Winston McQuade and France Rivard.

McQuade was born in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. Although she spent two years in Toronto when she was young, her family eventually moved to Montreal.

She studied arts and communications at the private Cegep Jean-de-Brebeuf and followed that up by studying journalism at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. As soon as she graduated, she began working for various Quebec broadcasters.

Her most significant achievement came with the Prix Gemeaux award she won for best host in the youth category in 1999 and again for best host in 2003.