Quannah Chasinghorse Boyfriend & Tattoo – Is She From Native Tribe?

Who is Quannah Chasinghorse dating? Explore her boyfriend details and tattoos.

Earlier the model thought it was really hard for her to think like she has the potential to be a model due to lack of representation.

Now, she was being cast in the 2020 Calvin Klein campaign that stressed the importance of voting. A few months later, she signed with IMG Models.

Meet Quannah Chasinghorse Boyfriend, Is She Married?

Quannah was born on June 07, 2002. The 19 years model was able to captivate everyone’s attention who was presented in the Met Gala having the theme “In America“.

With her amazing look and appearance, she stood out among the list of models and celebrities. Now she is all over the media and talks of the industry.

She is also a climate justice activist from Fairbanks. The young model doesn’t seem like dating anyone at the moment.

Examining her social media platform we can say that she is into her career and promoting her culture and tradition. We can often see her posting on her family.

She praised her mother a lot in her posts and other family members for supporting her. She has never mentioned her love life and boyfriend.

Her popularity and dashing look will give her a huge number of shooters that we can’t deny. She continued to shine with colleagues Prabal Gurung and Gabriella Hearst.

Her profile is already an official Wikipedia page. She appeared on the 2020 Teen Vogue list of Top 21 under 21.

Quannah Chasinghorse Tattoo Meaning – Is She From Native Tribe?

Though being the freshest new face in the fashion industry, Chasinghorse is recognized for her traditional Han Gwich’in face tattoos.

Her tattoos go lines dashes down her chin and extending out from the corners of her eyes. This is the reason though with a few makeups she still looks stunning.

She seems attached to her tattoo as she explains that she inked them when she was having anxiety and depression. She asked her mother to tattoo along with her eyes.

The fashion model posted, “Being a part of reviving our traditional tattoo practices has been one of the most powerful, beautiful, and important things I will ever do.”

The Model is of Indigenous ancestry, both Han Gwich’in, from Canada and Alaska and Native American Oglala Lakota.

More On Her Origin and Ethnicity

She was born on Navajo Nation territory in Tuba City, Arizona. She is Han Gwich’in of Eagle Village, Alaska on her mother’s side.

And Sicangu-Oglala Lakota of the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota on her father’s side.