QPark – Biography, Net Worth, Instagram Star Facts

QPark gained widespread fame and success when he created a career in social media filming events in which he exaggerated real-life situations. His penchant for extreme and sometimes embarrassing simulations himself won him over to all cyberspace fans.

The Korean-American comedian’s story is not like that of many other stars who found success through social media. QPark may have found fame on social media, but it had been successful long before that. He worked in the finance industry as an investment banker for over six years before opening and succeeding in his own chain of businesses. However, he was neither happy nor satisfied IN and that’s when he ventured into acting.

QPark biography

QPark was born in his household as Joyce Tanner in South Korea on July 17, 1979. Along with his parents and brother, the family moved to the United States when Joyce was still a child. He spent his formative years in America where he attended the Horace Mann School for his high school education. After graduating from Horace Mann in 1996, QPark then moved on to Yale University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and graduated in 2000.

That same year, Joyce “QPark” Tanner launched a career as an analyst at Merrill Lynch Financial Services in New York. He spent two years there and was later hired by Morgan Joseph & Co. Inc. There, he served as vice president of the company’s media and entertainment department. QPark later revealed that he had been burnt out in the six years he worked at Morgan Joseph, as he had to work almost 100 hours a week.

QPark left Morgan Joseph in 2009 and ventured into business. He started his own Korean barbecue restaurant. This venture was successful and led the former financial analyst to open three more restaurants. He eventually got bored with the company realizing he was enjoying eating more than preparing it.

After choosing a major interest in social media, QPark sold its entire restaurant business in 2014 in order to become a social media player and influencer. At the time, he already had a Vine account which he created in 2013. After deciding to pursue a career in social media, his Vine follower count quickly grew to over 3 million and he signed contracts lucrative advertising companies with huge brands like Marvel, Spotify., Gap, Pepsi, Donkin’ Donuts, Hewlett Packard, Comcast, Kia, Smirnoff, Adult Swim and more.

He only posted photos on his Instagram until 2013 when he started posting a few comedy sketches. In his first video, he tried to scare passers-by with a fake snake. After Vine was permanently shut down in 2017, Instagram would eventually become her favorite social media platform.

QPark’s work at Morgan Joseph inspired him to start a Youtube channel in May 2007. He uploaded his first video the same day. However, six years passed before he was able to upload his second video. The most popular video on his channel is “10 hours of walking in New York as Kim Jong Un”. In the video, he dresses up a friend who looks like the President of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, as he dresses up as his bodyguard. Together they walk the streets of New York City as a social experiment to see how Americans will react to the political figure. It was released on October 22, 2017. As of June 2019, it has garnered over 25 million views.

Some of his most popular videos include “Bad Bunny X Ozuna X Nicky Jam -“Te Bote Remix”- Public Singing!”, “Best of Bad Bunny – Public Singing Compilation by QPark!! ) in public!!!’. All of these videos have since garnered massive seven-figure views.

These days, Instagram and Youtube are its main platforms, with each of its uploads on each channel platform generating a massive number of views. However, he is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

What is QPark net worth?

The social media influencer’s income hasn’t increased from his social media career alone. As stated earlier, he worked as an investment banker for two years and as a vice president at a media company for six years. He also owned a chain of restaurants. It would be fair to argue that QPark already had some good fortune before its social media days.

According to some online sources, his videos make between $13,000 and $220,000 per month. This does not include the money from his many endorsement deals. These sources indicate that the comedian and former entrepreneur has a net worth of around $2 million.

Instagram Star Facts

One of the reasons QPark sold its restaurant business was because it realized it would rather eat food than prepare it.

The internet sensation made way for romance in her life. He is dating his longtime girlfriend, Edith Oquendo. She is his business partner and is often the one behind the camera.

Across all his social media platforms, the comedian has amassed over 15 million fans.

His Kim Jong Un video was inspired by a social experimentation video titled “10 Hours of Walking in New York City Wearing a Romper.”

QPark stands at 1.70m (5ft 7in).