Proudly Nigerian Logo: Image, Description & Meaning

Proudly Nigerian was borne out of the Proudly Nigerian Campaign which is a private sector initiative to elicit pride in resourceful Nigerians and patronage of Nigerian products and services.

This campaign was established as a non governmental mission to project Nigeria and Nigerians as a brand and to generate positive information and image about Nigeria.

Also, the campaign applauds the efforts of all Nigerian stakeholders that have excelled and are making positive contributions both within and outside the country.

Overall, the objective of the campaign is to reposition the Brand Nigeria as the Most Preferred Destination for individuals and corporate relationships.


The core values of the campaign include:

  • Excellence,
  • Professionalism,
  • Patriotism, Integrity, and
  • Value-addition


The Proudly Nigerian Campaign aims to identify, recognize, locate, support and celebrate businesses owned or dominated by Nigerians in the country and in the Diaspora.

The campaign also goes a long way in creating and sustaining awareness for indigenous and semi-indigenous businesses as well as evoking empathy for their patronage because of its ability to stimulate qualitative competition among these businesses.


The NGO behind Proudly Nigerian often organizes conferences, seminars, trade fairs and exhibitions. In the process, the Proudly Nigerian Initiative is expected to spur Government at all levels to provide and maintain the required infrastructure and environment conducive for business for the respective players

Also, the Proudly Nigerian Campaign will confer awards on deserving Nigerian individuals and organizations based on their exceptional feats and performances.

The Proudly Nigerian Expo was launched in Abuja a few years ago as an empowerment platform to impart knowledge and provide jobs for the unemployed.


Also, as manufacturers showcase their goods and services, those seeking knowledge to get into small and medium scale enterprises will be taught the basics of doing business.

In the course of the expo, there were segments on skills training in ventures like soap making, bakery, beads making, leather work, event management etc.

For small start-ups, learning the basics of accessing grants from government agencies and other financial agencies was provided through tutorials.


The Expo was organized by Helpline Foundation, Abuja which started out informally in 2003 as Pure Saints Home to intervene in Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) matters and later expanded to include Poverty Alleviation and Entrepreneurship Development. But the name of the organization was changed in 2010 from Pure Saints Home to Helpline Foundation to undertake activities as a non-governmental organization.

The expo brought together over 200 industrialists in both small and medium scale enterprises. However, there were over 200,000 visitors from both within and outside the country.


Overall, the expo has succeeded in harnessing the trade potential of Nigeria and boosting the Nigerian brand while addressing the country’s unemployment situation and social crises.

The Proudly Nigerian logo which is the crux of this post is symbolized with the Nigerian flag within a template depicting the term, ‘Proudly Nigerian.’