Precious Way Wikipedia Bio & Age – 5 Fast Facts To Know

Precious Way, per her Wikipedia, is a rapper who is part of some TV shows, such as Luscious T on the sitcom Partners in Rhyme and Jojo on the ABC drama Queens.

In Queens, four estranged women in their 40s, Brianna, Naomi, Jill, and Valeria, reunite for a chance to reclaim their glory and rediscover the swagger that made them hip-hop legends in the 1990s.

Way portrays Jojo, Naomi’s estranged 20-year-old daughter who’s been living with her grandmother as Naomi pursues her long-lost fame. Jojo, who is bitterly angry about her absentee mother, has written Naomi off for good.

But when Naomi invites her to her return at one of the award shows, JoJo is caught off guard by this side of her mother, a fresh view of Naomi that may heal their relationship.

The TV show Queens received a mixed response from the audience. The musical show has a 6.5 IMDB score out of 10. So in this article, one of the major cast of the show Precious Way will be explored, so continue reading.

Quick Facts About Precious Way

Name Precious Way
Age 20-25
Nationality American
Profession Singer and Actor
Debut Days Of Our Lives

Precious Way Wikipedia Bio

According to the available Wikipedia Precious Way, she is an American singer and actress who debuted in the drama show Days in our Lives and since then, Precious has been on several projects.

“She was rapping and having a fantastic time,” she said. “And she had just reached a point in her personal life when she was unsure.” Precious was introduced to an acting class by a friend, and it became so enjoyable and therapeutic for her that she fell in love with it.

Something about it connected Precious, and she decided to pursue a career in acting. Since then, Way has gotten various roles where she was able to grab the attention of the audience and create a name for herself.

Precious earned the role on Partners first, but owing to COVID and everything, there was some time [before] production began. She was still trying out. So she found out she got “Days of Our Lives,” and it began filming and airing before “Partners.”

Her heart has been entirely taken by acting, and she has been quite busy with it, but that does not mean she has abandoned her musical career. Precious has time for music as well.

Age Of Precious Way

Precious Way has been active in his profession since a young age. Way is expected to be in her mid-twenties, but this may not be fully factual.

Upon exploring her Instagram, we found her birthdate. Way celebrates her birthday on October 6. Precious has achieved a lot in her twenties and is proud of her achievements.

In addition to rapping and acting, Way spends her leisure time writing. She even mentions that she wants to write movies and that she is “always” working toward that objective.

Way enjoys rapping. She refers to it as her “outlet,” a way for her to interact with her fans and tell her story to the rest of the world. In 2017, she released the video single “Watch Me Go,” which shows her wandering through a video game-themed dream land.

Way describes herself as shy, despite the fact that she raps like a boss. “Sometimes my hands become sweaty in the strangest circumstances,” she explains. “There are moments when you won’t hear me say anything.”

5 Fast Facts To Know About Precious Way

She Has A Decent Height

Judging from the pictures of Precious Way, she has a height of above 5 feet and 5 inches. Way can be considered decently tall.

Way has a good height-to-weight ratio and looks like she loves to work out, judging by her physique.

She Credits Her Parents For Her Success

Precious comes from an African-American ethnicity; her parents raised her in Chicago, America. Way has not opened up much about her parents, but we have seen a glimpse of her mother on her Instagram.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Precious posted a picture of her mother in a similar pose. In the caption, she wrote that her mother is the toughest man she ever knew.

In the comment section of her photo, someone mentioned that her mother’s name is Carla. Precious looks very similar to her mother. They both have the same smile.

The actress doesn’t share any pictures with her father. His name is also not known, which might indicate that Precious might not be close to her dad.

Way Left Days For Partners in Rhyme

Though she has said goodbye to Days of our Lives, actress Precious Way will never forget her time on the NBC drama and the very special people she shared the screen with.

Way posted a photo/video collection of her time on the DAYS set, including screengrabs of many Chanel-centric scenes, a photograph of her dressing room door, and a parting selfie with several cast members.

“I’m genuinely going to miss you all and the entire experience,” the young star said on Instagram. Chanel was my first television role. I was terrified, excited, nervous, and incredibly grateful at the same moment. She continued.

Following Way’s departure, the character was recast as Raven Bowens, a relative newcomer to daytime television. Bowen’s resume includes parts in primetime dramas such as All Rise and Insecure, among others.

Precious Is Available On Instagram

Like many famous celebrities, Precious is available on Instagram and is quite popular. Way has a verified Instagram account on which she has over 80k followers.

You can follow the actress and singer Precious on Instagram under the username @luvpreciousway. The rapper is frequently active on the platform, with almost 200 posts until now.

Recently, through her Instagram, she promoted her project Partners in Rhyme. It is the same project for which Precious left Days of our Lives.

From her posts in 2018, she rapped an original in front of her Mercedes car, which means she has quite a wealth of her own. Precious has been active on the platform since 2014 and has been posting since.

Way Is Famous For Her Song Watch Me Go

Her debut single, Watch Me Go, was released nationwide in 2018, leading her to travel and play at festivals and places such as Times Square and Disney World.

Way kickstarted her career as a rapper, but today she has grown a lot and has expertise in various fields. Way is an actor, rapper, and social media star.

Way amassed a sizable Instagram following for her versions of rap tracks and established her own name for freestyling.

The Chicago native, who is Soulja Boy’s cousin, released her debut single, “Watch Me Go,” in 2017 and performed the urban radio smash at many music festivals before focusing on professional acting.

Some FAQs

Who Is Precious Way?

Precious is an American singer and actress who debuted in the drama show Days in our Lives and since then, Precious has been on several projects.

What Is The Age Of Precious Way?

Way is expected to be in her mid-twenties and has been active in his profession since a young age.

What Is The Height Of Precious Way?

Judging from the pictures of Precious Way, she has a height of above 5 feet and 5 inches.