Pianist: Who Is Clayton Stephenson From Cliburn Competition? His Family Details

Clayton Stephenson is forged from the love and sacrifices of his single parent. Here is everything you need to know about the artist.

Clayton Stephenson is an American music artist who specializes in playing the piano.

He was first introduced to the instrument when he was seven years old as his mother enrolled him in piano classes to keep him busy while she worked.

Since then, Clayton has practiced and learned music in various institutions under different programs and has achieved various awards.

Some of his recognitions include the 2022 Gilmore Young Artist, the 2017 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and such.

He is currently competing in The Cliburn and has reached the competition’s finals.

Seeing such an incredible talent for the first time, many viewers are curious to know more about him and his personal life journey.

Thus, here is what you need to know about the young artist Clayton Stephenson.

Who Are Clayton Stephenson Parents?

Talking about Clayton Stephenson’s parents, he is raised by his single mother, Ping Stephenson.

There is no information about his father on the internet, and his identity is also not disclosed to outsiders.

His mother went through all the hardships to give a better life to the young Clayton.

She would work for hours outside of the home and thus, got the idea of rolling the artist in piano classes to take control of him.

Eventually, as the man got into other programs and training, Ping even left her full-time job and worked part-time from her home to take care of Clayton’s diet.

Now, she is a proud mom seeing her son getting the recognition he deserves.

Pianist Clayton Stephenson Age: How Old Is He?

The pianist on The Cliburn, Clayton Stephenson, is 23 years old.

The competition’s official website, as well as other internet sources, has mentioned the pianist being 23.

But his exact date of birth is not yet known to the outsiders.

Considering his reported age, we can track his birth year to around 1998/1999.

He started playing the piano early and later developed other skills such as jazz, phrasing, voicing, and so on.

Clayton Stephenson Wiki Bio

Clayton Stephenson doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio page to this date.

But considering his steady development and recognition, it might not be long before he gets acknowledged by the official Wiki site.

Coming from a low financial background, Clayton struggled with good wealth and opportunities.

But that couldn’t stop him from getting the lessons and practice as his talent, and hard work paved the way for the man.

Soon as he started performing, he got call-ups from various events and occasions to show his skill.

To this date, Clayton has performed at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, Kissinger Summer Festival in Bad Kissinger, Beethoven Fest in Bonn, and so on.

Currently, Stephenson is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Harvard.

He also did a master’s degree in piano performance at the New England Conservatory under Wha Kyung Byun.