Pan-India cyber thug racket busted in Lucknow

Lucknow, Sep 26 (IANS) A dish India group of digital hooligans that was engaged with tricking individuals on guise of worthwhile benefits has been busted in Lucknow, police said.

As per the police, a plan was sent off by the blamed in which they caught a casualty by baiting him to buy an item for a minimal price from their site and afterward they requested that he sell it on a similar stage.

“In the pretense of a client they used to buy the item and gave a little benefit to the planned casualty of misrepresentation. This way they won their trust and got the casualties put a lot of cash-flow in the business by buying merchandise,” said Firoz Badar, a digital cell official.

“After the arrangement was finished, they requested that the casualty move cash in their ledger and later used to freeze their record at the site,” he added.

The police said the blamed were distinguished as Ayush Parashar and Shahrukh Khan, both from Thane; and Shubhankar of Vijay Nagar in Rajasthan’s Ajmer region.

They were completely captured from Thane.