Osun State Logo: Image, Description & Meaning

With the election of Rauf Aregbesola as governor of Osun State in 2010, the state was rebranded and given a new identity. This was seen in the new coat of arms, state flag as well as state’s anthem.

The coat of Arms which represents the state’s logo comprises two elephants which symbolise strength, service and humility.

This emblem has a brown colour which emphasizes the unity of the black skin as well as the soil. Also, the coat of arms has a cocoa tree which symbolises agriculture and the natural resources of the land.

The Y on the shield represents River Niger and Benue which shows the link between the state and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


The lion on the Coat of Arms stands for Yoruba nobility, dignity and courage while its cushion of ferns represents the traditional lair of the African Lion and the richness of the land.

The two symbols of the Chief’s sword (Ida) and the Mace denotes the spirit and purpose of Osun. The Sword is the symbol of the Obas while the Mace is the symbol of the Legislative Arm of Government and the power of the common people as expressed by their elected representative.


The Ori Olokun represents the common origin of the Yoruba people and the dexterity of the tribe in technology. On the other hand, the garland surrounding it symbolises chivalry and triumph.

The Timber symbolizes the vegetation as a rain forest zone with the Indigo colour (Aro) of the upper part of the shield representing the common Adire wear in Yorubaland while the Ruby Red colour (Alaari) of the lower part of the shield stands for nobility.

Osun State is also known as Land of Service. The Motto of the State is Liberty & Service. Additionally, the rebranded state came with a new flag with elements that had unique meanings.

  • There are seven cowries on the flag and they represent the seven grandsons of Olofin Oduduwa. They were known for their military courage, diplomatic dexterity and trade mastery which were known to have created wealth and resulted in their expansive kingdom.
  • The colour of the flag is brown. It represents the colour of the earth and tone of the skin.
  • The flag also has a colour bandwhich is the Pan-African flag consisting of the official colours of the African race. These include the colour red which represents the blood bond among Africans. Also, there’s the black colour which depicts the existence of the black race. The colour green denotes the abundance of wealth on the continent of Africa. And finally, the gold depicts the abundant mineral resources of Africa.

A new anthem was also composed by the State and the wordings have been highlighted below:

There is work for us to do

For our motherland

Let’s uplift it, let’s uplift it

Uplift it for the world to see


Our belief is that;

The way a child was born, so was a slave

Let’s work, let’s labour

Let’s work, so we can together prosper


Unity and freedom

Should be our pursuit

March on for plenty success

And all that is good


The child of Oodua arise

Take your rightful place

For you are the light