One Eyed Baz: Who Is Barrington Patterson Wife Tracey Patterson? Death Cause Revealed

Barrington Patterson, aka One-Eyed Baz, loses his life to a massive heart attack at 56. Continue reading to know all about the MMA fighter. 

Barrington Renford Patterson was an English former kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He competed in the super heavyweight division and fought for a world International Kickboxing Federation Championship.

Patterson’s early life involved a criminal lifestyle. He was one of the members of the black community who took part in the 1980s Handsworth riots.

Sadly, the MMA fighter and kickboxer passed away on 22nd March 2022 due to a massive heart attack.

One-Eyed Baz: Barrington Patterson Wife Tracey Patterson

Tracey Patterson is the wife of Barrington Patterson, a former kickboxer and mixed martial artist.

You can find Tracey on Twitter under the username @Traceyjayp_. Her Twitter handle has 7,172 followers, with whom she has shared 213.9K tweets.

On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Patterson tweeted the death of her beloved husband. She mentioned West Midlands Ambulance Service and their help to save her husband. However, even after one hour of trying hard, the paramedics could not save Barrington.

Barrington Patterson Net Worth Revealed

Barrington Patterson’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million to $5 million. He is known to be one of the richest kickboxers.

Patterson achieved many awards for fighting all across the globe, including Japan and the USA, during his active years as a professional kickboxer.

Furthermore, he fought Dennis Alexio for the VACANT International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) World title back in 1998. Sadly, Patterson lost by Knockout (KO).

Barrington’s career includes more than 60 fights. Vitali Klitchko and Dennis Alexio are two of the notable opponents he has fought against. Both of them are former heavyweight WBC boxing world champions.

In addition, Patterson made his debut in MMA in the October of 1999. It was at an It’s Showtime event against Sander Mackilljan, which Barrington won within the first round.

Barrington Patterson Cause of Death

Barrington Patterson, also known as One-Eyed Baz, has passed away due to a massive heart attack on 22nd March 2022, Tuesday morning.

His wife, Tracey, posted on Twitter saying that the paramedics worked for over an hour to save him. Unfortunately, they could not bring him back to life.

Barrington passed away at the age of 56. He was born on 25th August 1965 in Birmingham, England.

During his early age as a child, Patterson was blinded in one eye due to an accident when her sister threw a can at him. Later, this became his nickname as ‘One-Eyed Bazz.’