Olivia Labinjo Halcrow Ethnicity

Olivia Labinjo Halcrow’s ethnicity is currently unknown. As the exact details regarding her birth have not surfaced on the internet, not much can be said about it. However, we do know that she is currently 28 years old.

Prior to being addicted to alcohol, Olivia was a talented student. During the trial, she was described as an “intelligent woman.” In fact, she was successful in school and later attended University.

Olivia’s relationship with alcohol was not fruitful as she ended up murdering her boyfriend, Gary Cunningham, in a drink-fueled rage.

Talking about Gary, he was a delivery driver. He lost his life at the age of 29.

Moreover, Olivia is currently behind the bars for killing her boyfriend.

Olivia Labinjo Halcrow Parents: Father & Mother

Olivia Labinjo Halcrow’s mother is Madeline Halcrow. She is currently mourning her grandson’s death and has asked the agencies to make necessary changes to stop needless abuse. Similarly, she has made a tribute for her grandson and wants to prevent more children from losing their lives to violence.

In a recent interview, Madeline stated, “Arthur was the happiest child. He was very, very much loved by everyone. He was my daughter’s baby bear.”

Is Olivia Labinjo Halcrow Released From Prison?

No, Olivia Labinjo Halcrow is not released from prison. She is currently serving her 11-year sentence.

After Arthur’s death, Olivia had penned down a heartfelt note for her son. Moreover, she paid tribute to Arthur from her prison cell.