Obituary: David Kelso Koma Radio Personality Died – What Happened?

David Kelso died due to a powerful type of brain disease. We bring an obituary on a Radio personality’s death. 

He was an Oklahoman writer and KRXO radio station personality. His mental illness tragically took his life. He was a music enthusiast.

The Radio Jockey was active in Social media. You can still find his Instagram @davidkelso and LinkedIn accounts.

Obituary: David Kelso Koma Radio Personality Died – What Happened?

David Kelso, the Koma Radio Personality, died on September 14, 2021. Glioblastoma, a type of brain disease had taken his life.

In December 2019, he noticed his malfunction when he was at home that Saturday. While playing a game on his telephone, he started seeing traces unexpectedly.

He sat down to take a rest feeling sick; when he woke up he found himself in a medical clinic the following day.

He was analyzed with the malignant development of his brain. Specialists at the Stephenson Cancer Center treated him. They performed the medical procedures.

The procedure included the elimination of the growth and tart chemo and radiation treatments. His last week of life he spent posting his work-related photos.

During his career, he never failed to bring positivity to people as a disc jockey at KOMA. The exact time of his death is unknown.

On April 12, he tweeted a post that reads, “I have to eat chemo pills one week a month. It sucks. When I feel really barfy I turn on #HoldPoison by @foofighters-

really loud-and rock out in the bathroom.”

Meet David Kelso Family

David Kelso was married to Dana Kelso. The couple was blessed with two children, a son and a daughter.

Kelso admitted that he got closer to his family when he was in the hospital with the first hit of his illness. He added all he thought about was his family.

When he was in the operation theater, he took his family as his strength. When he survived his first treatment, he kissed and hugged them.

He even went on a hike with his close ones. He also shared some of his photographs with his family on his social media platform.

Was the Radio Jockey on Twitter?

Yes, the Radio Jockey was on Twitter. His account was under the username @krxokelso. He had over 750 followers.

He joined Twitter in March 2011. He used to post on his account on a daily basis that includes his music, activity, or about his illness.

Know about David Kelso – Wiki Bio

David Kelso got $29, 957 as compensation as an RJ for his effective presentation. He served the industry for over 30 years.

His latest posts of himself working showed he was a passionate RJ. He was a piece of inspiration to all.