Chris Collins family includes his wife Kim Collins and children living in Chicago. Chris is a head basketball coach at Northwestern University.

Chris has been married to Kim for twenty years, and they have been dwelling in Illinois with their two kids, a son named Ryan and a daughter named Kate.

He became emotional while expressing gratitude for their steadfast support, who were all present to witness his appointment as head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats basketball team at Welsh–Ryan Arena in April 2013.

The coach has a real chance to extend the team’s unbelievable season performance with Boo Buie firing on all cylinders in the March Madness.

Collins previously played and served as an assistant coach for Duke Blue Devils. He played alongside Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley in the college. 

Besides, Chris is the son of American basketball executive and former NBA coach Doug Collins. 

Chris Collins Wife

Chris Collins northwestern wife Kim Collins is a skilled photographer. She has founded a photography company of her name based in Chicago.

According to Heavy, her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to establish and manage her thriving photography enterprise, Kim Collins Photography.

Among her many talents and accomplishments, she also manages a highly-rated Etsy photography store with an impressive sales record of 834 and a four-and-a-half star rating.

Mrs. Collins’ photography includes snapshots of Walmarts, pottery barns, historical places, street photos, natural landscapes, and more.

Kim was passionate about arts, fashion, and drama from an early age. When she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, she had only one thing on her mind, to forge a career in the fashion industry.

Moreover, Kim has been an unwavering source of support for Collins as he embarked on the mission of elevating the Wildcats to the pinnacle of success in NCAA basketball.

The story of how their destiny collided is fascinating. In the late 90s, Chris began his managerial career after retiring from his playing career. 

During his time as an assistant coach of the Seton Hall Pirates, he occasionally visited an Irish bar near Manhattan, and that’s when he met the love of his life Kim. 

In 1999, Chris and Kim kindled a spark that grew and flourished. After three years of dating, Chris and Kim sealed their commitment to each other in a holy bond of matrimony.

Chris Collins Children

Collins has taken up a residence in Chicago where he lives with his two children. Their names are Kate Collins and Ryan Collins

Ryan, 20, currently plays high school basketball at New Trier High in Winnetka, a village in Illinois. He was born on February 20, 2003.

Likewise, Chris’ daughter Kate is 17 years old born on February 26, 2006.

His Twitter profile picture showcases an endearing image of his tightly bonded household, with him, Kim and their son and daughter standing in unison. Additionally, Collins has posted several of their images on their birthdays. 

Besides that, Kim often takes both of their kids to watch the basketball game as they sit tight and cheer their dad during the match.

When Collins was appointed as the head coach of Northwestern University in 2013, Kim, Ryan and Kate also attended the ceremony of his announcement at the Welsh-Ryan Arena alongside Doug. 

Moreover, the 48-year-old shared a moment with his son after his side Northwestern Wildcats defeated Purdue Boilermakers in NCAA men’s basketball in March 2023.

The post-match interview featured him with Ryan, as both became pretty emotional with the historic win.

Chris Collins Parents

Chris Collins parents are Doug Collins and Kathy Stieger Collins. He was born on 19 April 1974 in Northbrook, Illinois.

Having a father who is a distinguished American basketball coach gave Chris unparalleled access to various strategies and insights, enabling him to develop a sophisticated approach to the game from an early age.

He played varsity basketball in high school, then joined Duke University in 1992 to play for the Duke Blue Devils college team.

His outstanding skills on the court as a Guard earned him several distinctions at Duke, including a place on the All-ACC rookie team in his first year in 1993.

After a brief collegial career, Chris followed in his dad’s footsteps, becoming assistant manager of Detroit Shock in 1998. He gradually rose through the ranks to be the head coach of Northwestern in 2013.

Doug Collins Is A Former NBA Coach

Chris Collins dad Doug Collins is a retired basketball player. He coached several teams in the NBA, including the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Doug and his better half Kathy live in the quaint hamlet of Delaware Valley in Greater Philadelphia. 

His coaching career began in 1986 with the Bulls, where he coached for three seasons. He then moved on to manage the Pistons before taking over the coaching duties for the Washington Wizards in 2001.

Besides, he also worked as a TV commentator for NBA games after he retired from coaching.

On the other hand, his mom Kathy, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa native, is an Illinois State University alumni. She has a charitable personality and is willing to support causes related to various subject matters. 

Chris Collins Siblings

Chris has one sister named Kelly Collins. He spent most of his formative years with her in Northbrook, Illinois. 

Undoubtedly, his father, Doug, established the firm bedrock of sports ethics in the Collins clan, providing a solid basis for Chris and his younger sister Kelly to pursue their passion for athletics.

She began playing basketball at the age of ten. When she attended high school, she hoped to wear No. 20 because his dad and brother excelled, sporting jersey No. 20, which was the lucky number for her. 

Before embarking on her basketball career, Kelly channeled her enthusiasm for acrobatics into gymnastics training. However, her drive for basketball prevailed, and thus, she ascended to NCAA stardom.

After high school, Kelly joined Lehigh University, where she played as a guard. She now works as a school teacher in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Moreover, Kelly is a married woman with three children, two boys and a girl named Riley June Romanczuk. She tied the knot with her husband, Paul Romanczuk.

She is also quite active on socials, mainly on Facebook where she has uploaded several pictures of his kinship.

On her mother Kathy’s 70th birthday in May 2021, Kelly expressed her admiration and affection for her through a heartfelt message that epitomized their relationship.