Nimra Kazmi and Husband Shah Rukh, Missing Girl Sends A Heartfelt Video Message To Family Explaining Her Situation

Nimra Kazmi, a Karachi girl, released a video message in which she publicly announces her marriage to Najeeb Shahrukh, her husband.

Nimra Kazmi, a 14-year-old girl who went missing from Karachi’s Saudabad district last week, has been located in Dera Ghazi Khan, according to police authorities.

They claimed, however, that Kazmi had “willingly” tied the knot.

Similarly, the girl’s abduction was the second in a few weeks, after a teenager of the same age, Dua Zehra Kazmi, mysteriously disappeared from Karachi’s Al Falah on April 10 and has yet to be found.

Nimra Kazmi’s Husband Shah Rukh

Nimra Shahrukh declares her marriage to Najeeb Shahrukh, her fiancee-turned- husband in a video message that has gone popular on social media.

Besides, she even asserted that she was not kidnapped or forced to marry; rather, it was her own choice.

Although no specific information about Shahrukh has been revealed, it is said that Nimra’s parents had betrothed her to Shah Rukh when she was a youngster, and she had hoped to marry him one day.

When Nimra’s parents sought to breach the engagement and match her to some other guy, she fled away from home and married the man she cherished of her own volition.

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Missing Girl Nimra Kazmi Sends Video Message To Family

Nimra Kazmi’s video testimony surfaced after she went missing in Karachi’s Saudaabad neighborhood. Nimra’s lawyer released a video statement in which she gives a quick introduction and admits that she was not abducted.

She even mentioned that she got married the next day after going out on April 17th. She further expresses her delight and pleads that her recordings be taken off social media.

In addition, a video of Nimra’s wedding has appeared on social media, in which she assures a marriage aspirant that she is 18 years old while actually being 14 years old.

Nevertheless, footage of Nimra and her husband cuddling while using a Snapchat filter has gone viral, with many people commenting on it.

Who Are Nimra Kazmi’s Parents?

Nimra’s parents, according to her account, sought to compel her to marry an elderly guy. Nadeem Kazmi is said to be her father’s name, whereas her mother’s name is still unclear.

Her parents, who live in Karachi, said that their daughter was a grade ten student preparing for her final examinations.

Despite the fact that no accurate data about her parents is provided, it is evident that her mother is also a working lady who claimed her daughter went missing after she returned home from work.