NIIT Nigeria Courses List & Requirements

What is NIIT?

The full meaning is the National Institute of Information Technology. NIIT Limited is a global company and leader in skills and talent development. The institute offers courses across various fields and training delivery solutions across different ranges of industries, corporations, and individuals. The company has branches in over 30 countries which includes NIIT, Nigeria. NIIT ranks among the world’s leading IT training companies because of its wide yet comprehensive array of talent development programs.

NIIT has proven to be one of the most successful institutions that offer information technology training and courses in Nigeria. Two years ago, the institution added a new set of programmes to its course list. This article provides you with information on all you need to know about the NIIT and list of courses offered at the institute.

NIIT Nigeria offers training in various branches of Information Technology. NIIT students can learn different skills in the field of Information Technology that will allow them to build their future careers. Below is a list of traditional NIIT courses wherein you will be taught the basics.

These fields include:

  • Enterprise Application development
  • Network Administration and Server Fundamentals
  • Hardware and Networking Engineering
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Linux and Oracle Database Administration
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • E-Business
  • Database Management
  • Web Design Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Java Programming
  •  Network Engineering
  • Management Information system
  • Sun Java Developer

DIGINXT Series courses

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation – Big Data

In this course, you will be trained to operate a high volume of data and information so as to enhance decision making. The course consists of the use of Hadoop, Zookeeper, Hbase, Hive, Storm Distributed Live Computing, and Sqoop.

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation – Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps

This course teaches you how to develop apps using different types of devices.

  • Data Analytics

This course offers you both, intensive learning and global certifications.

  • Python

Python is a powerful programming language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox. It is also used to build web apps and manipulate data.


The course runs for a period of 1- 2 ½ years. The program aimed at creating software engineering professionals by building a specific skill set and focusing on the Digital Transformation program.

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation

This course teaches students how to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

  • MMS Infrastructure Management

This course aims at creating skills in infrastructure Management, Hardware & Networking support, Windows Server Infrastructure, Database Administrator.

  • Web development

This course aims at teaching skills in creating a web-based dynamic application using PHP and MySQL.

NIIT launched a new set of futuristic cutting-edge programs that will lead to digital transformation. Such programs include:

  • Power Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Python
  •  Internet of Thing (IoT)
  • BlockChain
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning with R
  • DIGINXT-MMS Software Engineering: Full Stack Developer using Python, REST, Angular JS, REACT
  • Data Analytics (Machine Learning) using R & Python, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Mobile & Email Marketing, ORM)

NIIT scholarship

The NIIT NIGERIA National Scholarship is an annual scholarship aimed at providing scholarship assistance to deserving and students of merit across various disciplines. These include school leavers, undergraduates, graduates and individuals who desire to enhance their technical skill-sets and others who aspire to know about I.T. and start a career in the field.

The NIIT scholarship is a 100% free scholarship awarded to 20 digital stars.

The offer helps students get skilled for a successful global career in the field of Information Technology and other related industries such as digital marketing.

 The scholarship NIIT offers is 100 % free to 20 Digital Star of Nigeria.

Benefits of learning with NIIT, Nigeria

NIIT offers globally recognised certification

NIIT is the largest provider of IT training in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. NIIT Ltd. has received numerous awards such as Most Respected Education Company and Best Innovation Brand in 2016

The Institute employs only highly professional instructors with years of experience working in the field of Information technology

NIIT has a learning methodology that is project-based which aids better learning.

NIIT provides the students with excellent learning resources such as reference sites, physical courseware, videos, online assessments, etc.

NIIT Nigeria centres

NIIT has various centres in Nigeria. If you are interested in studying at the institute, consider any of the centres below:

  • NIIT in Abuja

Sirakoro Str., 8, Abuja

(+234) 905-509-6016; (+234) 905-509-6019

  • NIIT in Asaba

Direct Labour Agency Rd., 28, Asaba

(+234) 706-797-6791; (+234) 706-797-6795

  • NIIT in Ajah

11 km of Lekki Expy, Ajah

(+234) 817-113-7822; (+234) 809-945-0097; (+234) 809-334-9988

  • NIIT in Agbara

OPIC Industrial Layout, Plot 11, Agbara

(+234) 809-435-5003; (+234) 809-435-5006; (+234) 809-435-5000

  • NIIT in Benin

Ihama Rd., 62, Enterprise Building, GRA, Benin City

(+234) 807-595-2272; (+234) 903-784-5681

  • NIIT in Ibadan

Oluyole Way, 1, Favos Building, Ibadan

(+234) 708-449-4446; (+234) 708-104-7716; (+234) 708-449-4447

  • NIIT in Festac

22 Rd., Damiola Plaza, Festac Town

+(234) 802-094-4901; +(234) 817-553-7822; +(234) 809-194-5352

  • NIIT in Ikorodu

Ayangbure Rd., 60, Ikorodu

+(234) 809-334-4998; +(234) 809-334-4997; +(234) 809-334-4996

  • NIIT in Ikeja Awolowo Rd., 112, Ikeja

+(234) 809-334-0110; +(234) 809-334-0220; +(234) 808-336-7393

  • NIIT in Kano

  • NIIT in Minna

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Rd., DECS New College, Minna

(+234) 814-298-9309

  • NIIT in Mararaba

A234, Abuja-Keffi Rd., Kwad Mall, Mararaba

(+234) 816-223-4931

  • NIIT in Ontisha

Awka Rd., 9, Pacific Complex, Onitsha

(+234) 706-797-6798; (+234) 816-048-1150

  • NIIT in Ota

22 km of Lagos-Abeokuta Expy, Sango Ota

(+234) 903-635-1708; (+234) 903-630-6781; (+234) 808-583-5149

  • NIIT in Owerri

Kunoch Ln., 1, Owerri

+234 803 6666 618

  • NIIT in Port Harcourt

Kaduna St., 1, Port Harcourt

(+234) 708-530-0299; (+234) 817-389-0176

  • NIIT in Surulere

Funsho Williams Ave., 114, Surulere

(+234) 809-904-5352, (+234) 809-334-9955; (+234) 809-324-0200

  • NIIT in Warri Effurun Sapele Rd., 60, Warri