Nihal Arthanayake Wife Esha Arthanayake: 5 Facts To Know About Her

Former DJ turned English radio and television personality Nihal Arthanayake married his now wife Esha Arthanayake.

Esha Arthanayake has gained public’s attention after Nihal talked about her role in his career. He works for BBC Radio 5 Live. Throughout the years he has gained massive fans and followers who love to keep up with the artist’s personal life.

His marriage has been a topic of interest among his fans and they want to know more about the artist and his love life. Here we will be looking into Esha Arthanayake’s personal life.

1. Esha Arthanayake Got Married To Her Celebrity Husband In 2005

Esha Arthanayake and Nihan Arthanayake decided to get married in 2005. They have been together for over a decade and are happier than ever.

The couple has been relationship goals to a lot of people and their love life restores faith in people. They are often seen together attending different events and they are completely smitten with one another.

Esha and Nihal have been happily married all these years and share a cute little family of their own.

2. Esha Arthanayake Is A Mother To Two Children

Esha Arthanayake is a lovely mother to her two children with her husband Nihal Arthanayake. She has a son who is 11 years old and a daughter who is 13 years old.

She loves to spend time with her kids and she also loves going to places with her children. Esha is often seen out at different places accompanied by her children.

3. Esha Appears To Be In Her Forties

Esha’s age has been a mystery to all of us as she is a very private person. But her husband Nihal is 51 years old, so Esha should also be somewhere in her forties.

However, judging by her pictures she looks young as ever and she is beautiful. Both Esha and her husband look very young and smitten with one another.

4. Esha Arthanayake Is Private About Her Professional Life

Unlike Esha’s husband, she is very private when it comes to her personal life. She does not like to be in the eyes of the media and she has not talked about her professional life with the media.

Her husband is a television and media personality. He was also a former DJ and he has had a steady career in the entertainment industry. Nihal started a career as a rap recording artist. He recorded the song “Into The Music” in 1988 on BPM Records’ “Hard Core One” British Hip Hop collection.

However, she is very supportive of her husband’s career. She is often seen supporting her husband in different events alongside him and she is very proud of him.

5. Esha Arthanayake Has A Private Instagram Account

Even though Esha’s husband is a celebrity and he is often on social media, Esha likes to keep it lowkey. She has a private Instagram account which is only shared among her close friends and family.

However, Nihan often shares pictures alongside Esha on his Instagram account and he does not shy away from showing the love he has for his lovely wife. Esha’s Instagram handle goes under @eesharules.

Her husband Nihal’s Instagram handle goes under @therealnihal. He has a verified Instagram account and he has a total of 32.3k followers on his Instagram account,

Nihal is very active on his Instagram account and has a total of 2.2k posts.

Some FAQs

Who is Nihal Arthanayake’s wife Esha Arthanayake?

Nihal Arthanayake’s wife Esha Arthanayake is the mother of two kids.

How long have Nihal Arthanayake and Esha Arthanayake been married?

Nihal Arthanayake and Esha Arthanayake have been married for 17 years.