Nigerian Wedding Blogs: The Top 10

Gone are the days when weddings were just events or ceremonies Weddings aren’t ‘just’ events anymore, they are now serious businesses that aren’t to be taken lightly. Thanks to wedding blogs in Nigeria, your Nigerian wedding can easily be the talk of the town with your style, your spouse, your location, your fashion, food and drinks, wedding pictures, and so much more on display in no time at all.

If you want very attractive publicity for your wedding or anniversary, we present to you, in no particular hierarchy or order, the top 10 wedding blogs in Nigeria.

  1. My Wedding Nigeria

My Wedding Nigeria is a popular blog that gives couples the right publicity and intending couples much needed overall wedding tips, motivation and inspiration, showcasing style, cool choice locations, bridal train, cake inspirations and pictures of both traditional and white wedding. They even recommend vendors for your wedding.


  1. Wedding Digest Naija

Wedding digest updates their followers on the hottest wedding trends and choices on their blog. Wedding dresses, “Aso-Ebi” style, pictures, ‘stylespiration’, wedding resources, and even celebrity relationship news are covered on this popular blog.


  1. Nigeria Wedding Blog

They give couples a whole lot of resources on their well-designed, blog with updated info on fashion and style choices, wedding showcases, bridal train outfit, pre-wedding shoot, cake inspiration and so on. They also recommend event vendors.


  1. Wedding Feferity

Wedding Feferity is a really popular blog when anything wedding is concerned. They update their followers on the style and fashion trends, they showcase pre-wedding shoots of upcoming weddings and they even organize wedding seminars for intending couples.


  1. Nigerian Weddings Guide

Although they aren’t the No 1 spot to go to for fashion and style trend update, you can surely rely on them to feature upcoming events and sharing wedding photos with followers. They major in giving intending couples the right resource: location, photographers, etc. to add spice to their weddings.


  1. Bella Naija

Although Bella Naija is a general blog, their wedding section is very resourceful. They’re one of the best in wedding showcase, recommendation of stylists, photographers, caterers, cake vendors, and makeup artists. Bella Naija is also very popular for “Aso-Ebi” recommendation and sale; which they call “Ao-Ebi-Bella”.


  1. All About Naija Weddings

It doesn’t have the best of designs but it ranks high on SEO rankings for the right reasons. This blog asides from connecting you with vendors on almost every wedding section, has resourceful posts that can help you with cogent decision when planning your wedding ceremony.


  1. Sugar Weddings

Joining Sugar Weddings’ followership would make sure you don’t miss anything on wedding trends, fashion, style and general wedding showcase. You’ll always get picture updates and they can also help in publicly sharing your event pictures too.


  1. Jide Odukoye

If bloggers can do it, photographers can, as well. These days, photographers have very active blogs like Jide Odukoya’s. The blog is well known for regular uploads of pictures, which can spur your fashion and style choice for your upcoming event.


  1. Rose Blossom Bridal

Rose blossom bridal is a blog that showcases pictures like the pre-wedding shoot and also cover weddings, they provide a variety of bridal services and give tips and resources to prospective couples.