Nick Rogers – American Idol, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Family, Parents, Wikipedia

An extraordinary 17-year-old teenager, Nick Rogers is one of the top 20 contestants of the well-known TV Show American Idol Season 17.  Back in year 2017, he first auditioned for the show but he got rejected that year. Later in 2018, he geared up and brought improvements in his singing. He has now successfully made entry to the grand show.

Early Life and Education

Born in 2002, Nick’s hometown is in Highland Ranch, Colorado. He has stated in one of his interview that he started singing when he was a toddler. He started singing when he was of around 3-year-old when his mother Paige Prescott Roger sang him “You are my Sunshine”. He picked it up few lines from it and started singing in front of his family members.

He started performing in great school plays and talents shows in his early days. Moreover, adds that he has until date performed in more than 30 musicals.

He is now currently finishing his senior year at Mountain Vista High School in Colorado.

Nick Roger’s Girlfriend and Relationship

Roger is just a teenager and seems not be engaged in any kind of relationships. Reporters say that he was too young to be in any kinds of relationship but he has certainly won hearts of thousands of people by his music and happening appearance.

However, he has strong connection with his mother Paige Roger and dad Will Rogers. His mom has been his first inspiration to sing. She used to take him to the music school where he used to sing when he was small.

Professional Career and Social Accounts

Nick by profession is a student and he strongly desires to become a singing superstar. He in past as a kid wrote n his school’s yearbook that he wanted to become an American Idol. Now he is really near in achieving something that he dreamed of.

He says his musical inspiration to be hip-hop and spends most of his time in writing and singing raps. He claims that Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Lionel Richie were the major influencers for him.

Nick Roger’s Instagram account @nicolasprogers consists of just with few pictures. We cannot really find any information regarding him and his life through his social accounts.

Roger’s Body Details and Body Measurements

Roger is a charming and good-looking teenage boy with a casual dressing sense. He has got dark brown hair, perfectly managed and parted at the side. He seems to have some freckles on his face but has that glowing complexion. He is average in both height and weight aspect.

A stage lover Nick seems to be very confident and cheerful when he recently performed in the audition of the show. He tried to impress Katy Perry by singing Bazzi’s song  “Mine”. She was undoubtedly impressed towards his singing and rapping skills. The judge Katy Perry also said she loved his rapping flow.

Roger’s Source of Income and Earnings

Nick Roger is not really earning any penny now as he his very young by age. He will certainly have some earning when he grows up and set his career in music.