Why Did Antonio Brown Leave The Bucs?

The reason behind Antonio Brown leaving the Bucs seems to be personal problems that he has been facing in recent times.

Be clear that the player has not discussed the actual cause to this date, so we can only guess it on the basis of other information.

CNN reports that Antonio was banned for three games without pay in December of 2021 after the investigation about him violating COVID protocols was conducted.

In the meantime, multiple other controversies about the player are also familiar among the viewers.

On the other hand, Brown signed one year contract with the team back in October 2020.

So his contract has expired and the team might not have offered him another contract offer.

Apparently, anything is possible at the moment but it is for sure that the player didn’t look happy at all.

Antonio Brown Walk-Off Field Today, Game Video On Reddit: What Happened?

Antonio Brown walked off the field in mid-game today which you can see in the above-embedded post.

The video is also available on Reddit and other social media platforms as many people are talking about it at the moment.

Discussing the happenings, Brown looked furious as he threw his shirt and other items as he walked off.

He took out his shirt and eventually his inners that he threw towards the crowd.

While he walked topless, Brown also took off his gloved and tossed it to the fans.

There are also reports that the player had some disputes with the coach, Arians, who later said that the player is no longer one of the Bucs.

As things are looking at the moment, it seems that Antonio has retired from the sport as a whole.

But it won’t be a particular surprise if we see him in another jersey sometime soon, since he has done it in the past as well.