Newcastle: Was Paddy Conroy Arrested Over John Sayers Wrecked Home? Where Is He Today?

Paddy Conroy of Newcastle is rumored to be arrested. Several people are speculating about the situation. So let’s dig deeper to find out the truth.

Rumors about Paddy Conroy began right after the online video of John Sayers’s wrecked home circulated on the internet. Some sources cited that Conroy had been arrested concerning the wreckage of John’s home.

Was Newcastle Paddy Conroy Arrested Over John Sayers Wrecked Home?

On 17 June 2022, a report about John Sayers’s home being wrecked by a gang of masked men surfaced on the internet. The clip was shared online.

A little before 4 p.m. yesterday, Sayers was at home drinking tea with his children when the incident occurred. According to a video circulating on WhatsApp, two black cars pulled up outside the property in Newcastle’s East End before at least four guys came out holding something that looked like baseball bats.

While shouting and swearing, they smash windows at Sayers’ house and attack the vehicles outside. The disguised men then dash back to their vehicles to flee.

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Luckily, no one in the family was hurt. And the victim did not call the cops personally, but it is said that policemen arrived soon and that a 37-year-old male was apprehended.

But recently, the true-crime Author, Speaker, and Podcaster Shaun Attwood have said that Paddy Conroy has been arrested over John’s wrecked home. He added that police officers and four police dogs had surrounded Conroy’s home, and he was suspected of attempted murder.

While it is still not sure why the law enforcement officers were there, people speculate that he may be the person behind the attack at John’s home. But surprisingly, John has signed the documents saying that he would not interfere in the investigation d would not play any role in the prosecution too.

Where Is Paddy Conroy Today?

Paddy Conroy was once a most feared criminal who was wanted by British officers once. After escaping from a prison taxi transporting him to court to stand trial for the brutal kidnapping and torture of a rival, the former fugitive fled the UK in 1994.

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But he was apprehended, extradited to the United Kingdom, and found guilty in 1995 of the terrifying attack on Billy Collier. His teeth were ripped out with pliers, and his nostrils were damaged.

He was given more than 11 years of a jail sentence. After completing his sentence, he became a businessman. In 2017, during an interview with Chronicle, he disclosed that he aims for a fresh start and intends to operate his own fruit and vegetable booth along the A69 between Newcastle and Carlisle.

From Denton in Newcastle, Conroy stated that he intends to go to a farm with a colleague, Michael ‘The Bull’ Bulloch, who was sentenced to four years in prison in 2014 for providing cannabis.

But it is still not sure if he went along with the idea. Nevertheless, he had said that he had left his past behind and wanted to make a new future for himself.