Nayef Aguerd Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nayef Aguerd Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – (an Ex-Footballer Dad and a Teaching Mum), Family Background, Sister, Girlfriend/ Wife to be, etc. More so, Nayef Aguerd’s Ethnicity, Religion, Pyramid-loving Lifestyle, Net Worth, Salary Breakdown, etc.

In a nutshell, this article portrays the Full Life History of Nayef Aguerd. This is the story of a well-cultivated and intelligent boy who knew what he wanted since childhood.

We enjoy Nayef Aguerd today because of Mohammed VI, the present King of Morocco. We’ll tell you how this King (of the Alawi dynasty) helped turn Nayef’s childhood dreams into reality.

Aguerd experienced a fairly strict upbringing by his mother, who was anti-football. She saw the game as too risky, with zero benefits.

Nayef Aguerd’s Mum wouldn’t let her son play and once almost scolded him in front of his friends when he escapes to play football.

Aguerd’s Dad and Uncles were former footballers. It took the effort of a soccer project made by Morocco’s king to change the mind of Nayef Aguerd’s Mum.


Wiki’s version of Nayef Aguerd’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his Childhood and Early Life. Thereafter, we’ll explain the role King Mohammed VI played in his Life. And finally, how the African Power Defender rose to become successful in the beautiful game.

We promise to fuel your autobiography appetite while you read Nayef Aguerd’s Biography. To begin that, let’s first show you this gallery of his boyhood days, right to the moments of fame. Without a doubt, Nayef Aguerd has truly come a long way in his Footballing journey.

In the history of his career journey, the Moroccan has never been the one to second-guess his decisions or underestimate his own abilities.

Aguerd is a Cerebral Defensive genius, a Baller who excels in aerial duels, makes intelligent positioning and is defensively dominant, like Antonio Rudiger.

Despite the defensive accolades the Moroccan has accrued over the years, we notice a gap in his story. Wiki found that not many football lovers have read a detailed version of Nayef Aguerd’s Biography.

So, we have taken a step further to produce Aguerd’s Bio just for you, and because of our love for the beautiful game. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Nayef Aguerd Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Defender bears the nickname “Nayef Airlines” thanks to his aerial heading abilities. Nayef Aguerd was born on the 30th day of March 1996 to his Father, Youssouf Hadji Aguerd and his Moroccan Mother in Kenitra, North-Western Morocco.

Nayef Aguerd is one among his other siblings (notably his sister) born to the marital union of his Mum and Dad. Now, let’s introduce you to one of Nayef Aguerd’s parents – his lovely Mother.

Both pairs share a wonderful relationship and Nayef once said his Mum (despite her early strictness during his childhood) remains more than a best friend.

Growing-Up Years:

Nayef Aguerd spent his boyhood years with his kid sister named Jawaher Aguerd. When you look at Nayef and Jawaher’s childhood photos below, you could tell that she is his younger sibling.

She (who is now a married woman) has been Nayef Aguerd’s mirror, someone who knows her big brother more than anyone else.

Young Nayef and his sister (Jawaher Aguerd) grew up in Kenitra (NorthWest Morocco). As a child, the future West Ham player described himself as very calm.

He and Jawaher were very much cared for by their parents. For Nayef Aguerd, childhood life was a bit different.

Nayef Aguerd’s parents (notably his mother) gave him a fairly strict upbringing. He grew up in a simple modest environment which was friendly for playing football. His Mum limited such soccer-bound-friendliness because of her dislike for the sport.

Early on, it was more about her son’s studies as well as Nayef’s total dedication to the family’s religion (Islam). 

Nayef Aguerd Early Life:

As a child, he loves playing soccer outside (to the extreme), even without wearing boots. Wearing just rubber slippers was simply enough for Nayef. Despite doing his housework, Nayef Aguerd’s Mother still wouldn’t let him play.

And back then, there was always a football war between both mother and son. That war got so serious that Nayef almost witnessed his Mum scolding him in front of his football friends.

Despite his Mum’s position about the game, Nayef Aguerd kept on with his dreams. As a child, he played the game most on weekends. During weekends, he would always leave home after finishing his homework.

On a Saturday, he gets up very early to start his housework, which he usually finishes by noon. And when he is allowed to play football in the family home, the boy ensures he lives by the rule of not breaking vases.

More Football tussle with his Mum:

Even while Nayef played football in his family’s apartment, it annoyed his mother. Unknown to her, that was the little technique he used to fool her, in other to let her dismiss him to play with his friends outside.

Nayef Aguerd played his football on dusty grounds with his friends in his Kenitra neighbourhood. And when he came home looking very dirty, his mother would grow more irritated about the sport.

One day, Nayef Aguerd came back home with his white sneakers looking very brown. His Mum commanded him to throw them away immediately.

The dirty sneakers annoyed her so much. Nayef disobeyed his Mum by not throwing it away. Do you know what he did?… The boy (on the next day) decided to trick his mum by claiming he was going to throw them away.

While Nayef Aguerd’s Mum was thinking he going to throw them away, little did she know her son was digging up the sneakers to play football with them again. She, who always guessed when he tell lies, quickly discovered that her son had tricked her.

In Nayef Aguerd’s own thinking (back in the day), he had to be super smart to play football when living with his beloved mother.

Nayef Aguerd Family Background:

First things first, the Moroccan professional footballer has his father and uncle as former professionals in the game.

Did you know?… Nayef Aguerd’s uncle played at the 1994 FIFA World Cup finals for Morocco. Pictured below is his uncle who goes by the name Abdelmajid Bouyboud. Unlike Nayef Aguerd’s Dad, his uncle has 34 caps for Morocco national team with two goals.

Regarding what his parents did for a living, Nayef Aguerd’s Mother is a teacher who specializes in nursery education.

She loved finding herself around children and her love for kids made her remain in the nursery education job even after her son made it as a professional. Nayef Aguerd’s Dad, upon retirement from his playing career, decided to work for a Moroccan company.

Nayef Aguerd Family Origin:

By virtue of his birth, the former Rennes Defender holds a Moroccan nationality. Kenitra, a North-Western city in Morocco, is where Nayef Aguerd Family comes form.

Did you know?… Kenitra is just a 4 hours 34 min OR 285.9 km drive to Gibraltar via the A5 highway. From  the map below, you could tell that where Nayef Aguerd’s parents live is very close to Spain.

Nayef Aguerd Ethnicity:

The West Ham FC footballer identifies with the Arab-Berber Ethnic group. The nation of Morocco, where Nayef Aguerd’s parents raised him, is ethnically homogenous. What we mean is that 99% of Moroccans identify themself as members of the Arab-Berber ethnic group.

Nayef Aguerd Education:

While no documentation exists on the exact school he attended, it is confirmed that Nayef had his six years of primary education at Kenitra.

Further research revealed Nayef Aguerd was a good student and his mother (a kindergarten teacher) was omnipresent in his education.

Career Buildup:

Nayef Aguerd’s Mum idea of not being a fan of the round ball was to protect her son. She wanted him to continue my studies after obtaining his baccalaureate. Nayef Aguerd grew up mostly around his mother from the age of 9.

His Mum was simply the Boss of his family, a person who made the decisions in his Dad’s absence. Nayef Aguerd’s Mum number one priority was to see him and his sister (Jawaher) never skipping their studies.

For the youngster, going to the stadium (with his Dad and Uncles) was normal. But it was a bit complicated with his Mum who hated football.

Young Nayef worked for a long time psychologically to get the football message across to his mother. A message that’ll change her mind about his football ambitions. What was this message?… We’ll explain that in the next section.

Nayef Aguerd Biography – Football Story:

The man you see above is called Nasser Larguet. He became the message, or what we call the real turning point in Nayef Aguerd’s Mum’s acceptance of a football career for her son. The King of Morocco, at the end of the 2000s, established the Mohamed VI Academy.

Nasser Larguet got the job as director of the great Academy. His first mission was to look for young talents.

Young Nayef was lucky to be part of a 2009 tournament while he was with Kenitra football school. Unknown to him, there was Nasser Larguet in the stands watching the best kids.

At the end of the match, he came to see the players and told them he was looking to recruit for Mohamed VI Academy. And to get the best hands, he needed to organize one final match.

Luckily for Nayef, he was among the kids who got selected after the screening match. In other to formalize things, Nasser Larguet decided to visit Nayef Aguerd’s parents.

He spoke with his Mum telling her about the need for her son to join Mohamed VI Academy. To the surprise of everyone, Nayef Aguerd’s Mum first refused. Then, Nasser decided to do something.

To further convince Nayef Aguerd’s Mum, he decided to invite her to Mohamed VI Academy. When Nayef Aguerd’s Mum first saw the academy, she noticed it was not all about football, but also education.

There were incredible teachers, classes, and other school infrastructure. That made her believe football and education were compatible, so she finally accepted.

Nayef Aguerd Early Years in Academy Football:

His transfer from his local club (KAC Kénitra football school) to Mohamed VI Academy (in the capital city of Rabat) was swift. Nayef, back then, used to play as a striker where he score lots of goals.

But with his new academy, the director (Nasser Larguet) made him play at midfield. Gradually, it became known that his best position was in central defence.

Youssef En-Nesyri, a famous Moroccan international striker, was also with Mohammed VI Academy in Rabat. This football institution was like a boarding school and Nayef left his family for them at 12.

He would only visit his parents and sister during holidays and on some weekends. Being a border with Mohammed VI Academy gave the youngster a great sense of responsibility.

Since it was hard to make such a sacrifice (to be away from family), the club employed a psychologist. She, who goes by the name Sophie Huguet, was always at the kid’s disposal.

Sophie knew all the boys and she was very good in her role. She helped Nayef Aguerd a lot, especially in making him comfortable without his family by his side.

Nayef Aguerd Bio – Road to Fame Story:

At the age of 13, he (unfortunately) developed the bad habit of hiding to eating too much Kinder chocolates.

Nayef would sometime get busted by the director, with chocolate hidden under his t-shirt. The punishments Nayef got for eating chocolate were not very harsh. He was forced to get up at 4:30 to go for a long run.

Giving him such punishment was needed to push Nayef into becoming more responsible. Today, he understood it was all for good.

At the academy, it was forbidden for boys to bring in junk food (like chocolate or sweets) from their family houses. Living in the football school was also about having a good diet and all boys needed to pay attention to their hygiene.

The next issue that came to Nayef Aguerd was growth problems. He had a morphological delay in his height when compared to other players of his age. Both his teammates and opponents were much bigger, taller than him.

Before Nayef Aguerd could catch them, he tried to compensate his football with other things, like reading the game, and raising his technique. That gave birth to his jump power, a reason he bears the nickname – Nayef Airlines.

Early Career Disappointment:

In the year 2014, Nayef Aguerd graduated from Mohammed VI Academy. The football institution reviewed many transfers that came his way – both within Morocco and abroad. Like other of his teammates, it was Nayef Aguerd’s dream to play in Europe at the age of 18.

Nayef Aguerd wanted to sign for Valencia in Spain, but the club change its mind at the last minute. Valencia changed ownership and the club’s new management decided to dump the idea of signing Nayef Aguerd. The youngster missed out on that transfer window and he became very disappointed.

When a local Moroccan club (FUS Rabat) came to recruit Nayef Aguerd, he considered it a huge failure. A failure on his part and not for the Moroccan club.

Nayef Aguerd knew that FUS was one of the best Moroccan clubs, very well structured. Even at that, he had always dreamt of going to Europe at 18 years old. With a painful heart, he signed for FUS Rabat.

After missing his chance to join a European club, Nayef Aguerd began to experience a decline in his mental health. Then, a piece of bad luck followed as he suffered a broken hand just before his first training with FUS Rabat.

His new club coach (Walid Regragui) helped Nayef Aguerd during and after his surgery. He promised the youngster that he was going to make him happy again.

The physical and mental recovery:

Some weeks after he recovered from his injury, Nayef Aguerd began to heal mentally. At that time, he realizes that in football, the most important time is between 18 and 22 years.

Nayef Aguerd also realized that he was truly not ready to Europe at the age of 18. Thanks to the teachings of Walid Regragui, the FUS Rabat youngster turned into a defensive beast.

Nayef Aguerd Biography – Success Story:

Playing in the first division of the Moroccan League brought that needed fame he wanted. Aguerd at the age of 20, inspired FUS Rabat to their first-ever Moroccan Championship in May 2016.

Did you know?… the club had not won the championship for over 70 years. It was madness in town that night and Nayef celebrated with his family and loved ones.

At that time, Morocco’s former coach, Herve Renard, was very conscious of Nayef Aguerd’s talent within the domestic top-flight. The whole country was potentially aware of the need to cultivate a successor for Medhi Benatia.

Nayef Aguerd became the chosen one to fill up the boots of the Legendary Moroccan defender. The Defensive star won his first senior international cap in late 2016 (the same year Sofiane Boufal got his call-up).

Receiving offers from Abroad:

At the age of 21, Nayef Aguerd got approached by top clubs in the US Major League Soccer. For most players in Africa’s top flights (even the lucrative leagues of the North), the chance to move to the MLS was always irresistible.

Additionally, playing in the MLS was seen as a viable springboard for Europe. Despite all these cool reasons, Aguerd wasn’t interested in the MLS.

The Defender insisted he was more interested in something better – in any of Europe’s top five leagues. Aguerd’s patience paid off when Dijon, a French top-flight club, signed him in 2018.

Finally, Nayef Aguerd realized his dream of playing in a major European League. The transfer to Dijon came after Aguerd helped his country (Morocco) to achieve its first-ever CHAN title.

Dijon Success:

When Nayef Aguerd arrived in France, he felt a tremendous difference both physically and tactically. Nayef Aguerd’s parents or any member of his family did not live with him in France. He stayed all alone, and that made adapting to be very hard.

Aguerd met different cultures, climates and football intensities. And he relied on his agent in the absence of his family.

In the first season, the coronavirus pandemic affected Aguerd’s progress. After football resumed, he began showing the world the reason behind his nickname – “Nayef Airlines”.

Nayef Aguerd’s amazing jump power (which led to some great goals) shocked his opponent and surprised many of his teammates.

Thanks to his fantastic aerial ability, Nayef Aguerd’s performances caught the eye of Stade Rennais. He joined a bigger and better team that had the likes of Edouard Mendy, Daniele Rugani, Steven Nzonzi, Eduardo Camavinga, Raphinha, Jeremy Doku, etc. ‘

The club (as of then) was keen to bolster its ranks after their unexpected Champions League qualification.

Rennes Success:

The North African Athlete achieved a meteoric rise with his new team. Playing with gigantic confidence far beyond his years, Nayef Aguerd’s intelligent positioning, pure athleticism, and anticipation suggested he was capable of stepping up to even a higher level.

Aguerd was that name who contributed to making Neymar not too good in Ligue 1. He was among those defenders who stopped Moise Kean from shining, making PSG send him back to Juventus.

Also, he (alongside Stev Botman) were among the few who could stop a Kylian Mbappe run. Aguerd also gave Premier League material like Kelechi Iheanacho some difficult moments.

Did you know?… There was no defender in French Ligue 1 that won more aerial duals than Aguerd in the 2021/2022 season. He was mostly responsible for helping Rennes achieve the best defensive record across Ligue 1 in two consecutive seasons.

Although Marquinhos‘ Paris Saint-Germain and Tim Weah’s LOSC Lille conceded fewer goals than Rennes.

Westham Transfer:

In June 2022, Aguerd agreed it was time to accept a great challenge. He signed for David Moyes’ Westham on a five-year contract for a fee of £30m.

By joining the Hammers, he became the fourth most expensive player, after Sebastien Haller, Felipe Anderson and Kurt Zouma. The rest of Nayef Aguerd’s Biography, as we say, is now history.

Who is Nayef Aguerd’s Wife?

There is a general saying that behind every successful Westham player comes a glamorous Wag. The Moroccan star was 26 years old when he joined the Hammers.

And from our understanding, it is normal for successful footballers (usually at this age) to have at least a girlfriend or a wife in the making. To this end, Wiki asks the ultimate question;

Who is Nayef Aguerd’s Girlfriend? Does the Moroccan (Aguerd) have a Wife?

After conducting intensive research, we notice Nayef Aguerd has (as of June 2022) decided not to disclose his relationship status.

Now that he is playing for England, it is very likely that he will make public, the woman of his dreams. No doubt, Nayef Aguerd’s wife should be very proud of what he has become in his professional career.

Personal Life:

Away from everything he does on the pitch, who is Nayef Aguerd?

Starting off, the ex-FUS Rabat player represents the Aries zodiac sign. Nayef Aguerd is Courageous, confident, passionate, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, and a very honest person.

More so, the Moroccan loves to have nature’s energies surrounding him. At some time in his life, Aguerd does have that deep need to spend some time alone. He uses nature’s energies that surround his beautiful house to gather his footballing strength.

Nayef Aguerd LifeStyle:

Doing too much work on the pitch makes his mind suffer from football overload. This is the reason the Moroccan Defender loves both seaside and Egyptian holidays. Nayef Aguerd is a huge fan of beachside football – as observed in the photo.

When he was younger, the Athlete spent most of his vacation days visiting the Egyptian pyramids. Also, experiencing the beauty of the desert and dunes. When it comes to world-renowned experiences, Egypt holidays do not disappoint. Two great soccer players – Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Elneny can attest to this fact.

Nayef Aguerd Family Life:

Throughout his career, the Kenitra native made lots of sacrifices. Nayef’s ultimate wish is to give back to his family members, especially his mother, for what she did for him. This section of Aguerd’s Biography tells you more about his parents and younger sister.

Nayef Aguerd’s Father (Youssouf Hadji Aguerd):

Following his retirement from professional football, his Dad’s work at a Moroccan company didn’t permit him to spend much time with Nayef and his sister.

They were more in the custody of their mother. Nayef Aguerd’s Father played football in the Moroccan top flight. He is super proud to see his son following in his footsteps and living the family dream.

Nayef Aguerd Mother:

No member of the family is prouder of the Moroccan footballer than his beloved Mum, a woman who once disliked football. Nayef Aguerd, today, has proven to his mother that football can indeed be a job.

Despite his busy schedule, he often finds time to speak to his mother – with great affection. Nayef has ensured he finishes his university education because of his Mum. As of 2022, the West Ham player holds a scientific bachelor’s degree with honours.

Nayef Aguerd Sister:

Jawaher is her name, and she appears to be a very private person. Aguerd Sister is yet to reveal her personal info to the public, as her Instagram remains private.

Around the time her big brother jetted to Europe, Jawaher Aguerd’s Mum found herself a new son-in-law. He (pictured here) is the husband of Nayef Aguerd’s sister. Both got married in 2018.

Nayef Aguerd was not present during her sister’s wedding because of the sacrifice linked to football. However, he apologized and gave out his best wishes with the following words; 

Congratulations to my sister on her wedding, I am very proud of you and I wish you all the happiness in the world.
I would have liked to be present by his side for this unique moment, but that is part of the sacrifices linked to football. I am Far from the eyes but close to the heart.

Nayef Aguerd’s Relatives:

Abdelmajid Bouyboud (his uncle), at the time of writing Nayef Aguerd’s Biography, still holds a record. A family record which would be broken by his nephew in November 2022.

He holds the record for being the only member of Nayef Aguerd’s family (extended) to play in a FIFA World cup. By November 2022, Nayef would certainly join his uncle as he would be a FIFA World Cup debutant.

Abdelmajid Bouyboud (nicknamed M’Jid) was born on the 24th day of October 1966. He is a Moroccan former football defender who played for Wydad Casablanca (in Morocco). Nayef Aguerd’s uncle also played for Belenenses (in Portugal) and Wuhan Hongtao (in China).

Untold Facts:

In the concluding phase of Nayef Aguerd’s Biography, we’ll tell you more about the footballer who is compared to Antonio Rudiger. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Relationship with Houcine Anafal:

Where Nayef Aguerd’s family comes from (Kenitra, in Morocco), the man above is the first person to wear the colours of Stade Rennes. And Nayef Aguerd himself is the second person from Kenitra to play for Stade Rennes.

Houcine Anafal (who died in 2012) was a childhood friend to Nayef Aguerd’s Dad and uncle. Back then, the three played football together in Kenitra.

Nayef Aguerd knew Houcine Anafal personally as he worked at the Kenitra football school (before his death).

When he signed for Rennes, he immediately remembered his uncle and Dad’s friend. Research has it that some of Houssaine Anafal’s family members (like his son) still live in the French city of Rennes.

Nayef Aguerd West Ham Salary:

Following his June 2022 contract signing for the Hammers, it was revealed he would take home £50,000 every week.

This table breaks down Nayef Aguerd West Ham’s Salary. The West Ham star is indeed a Moroccan Multi-millionaire.

TENURE/EARNINGS Nayef Aguerd’s West Ham Salary in pounds (£) Nayef Aguerd’s West Ham Salary in Moroccan dirham (£)
What Nayef makes EVERY YEAR: £2,604,000 31,722,192 dirhams
What he makes EVERY MONTH: £217,000 2,643,516 dirhams
What Nayef makes EVERY WEEK: £50,000 609,105 dirhams
What Nayef makes EVERY DAY: £7,142 87,015 dirhams
What Nayef makes EVERY HOUR: £297 3,625 dirhams
What Nayef makes EVERY MINUTE: £4.9 60 dirhams
What Nayef makes EVERY SECOND: £0.08 1 dirham

As of 2022, Nayef Aguerd’s Net Worth is approximately 6.5 million pounds. His sources of income are mostly from his contract bonuses, endorsement deals and West Ham wages. 

How rich is Nayef Aguerd as compared to the Average Moroccan Citizen:

Where his family comes from (Kenitra, Morocco), the average makes approximately 86,700 MAD a year (the highest average). Did you know?… the average person living in Morocco would need 7 years to make Nayef Aguerd’s weekly wages (£50,000) with West Ham.

Nayef Aguerd FIFA:

At 25 years old, Nayef Aguerd lacked only two things in football apart from attacking. They are; taking penalties and his free-kick accuracy.

Owing to his power and defensive stats, Nayef is worthy to be on the list of African Great Defenders. This list contains legendary names like Taribo West, Kalidou Koulibaly, Rigobert Song and Joel Matip, etc. 

Nayef Aguerd Religion:

The Kenitra-born Moroccan Defender is a devout Muslim. He, just like Achraf Hakimi, as well as other Atlas Lions adheres strictly to the commandments of Allah.

Nayef Aguerd’s parents are also Muslims and they (especially his Mum) ensured he was brought up in accordance with Islamic traditions.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down Nayef Aguerd Facts.

Full Name: Nayef Aguerd
Nickname: Nayef Airlines
Date of Birth: 30th of March 1996
Place of Birth: Kenitra, Morocco
Age: 26 years and 10 months old.
Parents: Mr and Mrs Youssouf Hadji Aguerd
Father’s occupation: Retired footballer
Mother’s occupation: Nursery education school teacher
Uncle: Abdelmajid Bouyboud AKA M’Jid
Nationality: Morocco
Family Origin: Kenitra
Ethnicity: Arab-Berber Ethnic group
Religion: Islam
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 1.88 meters OR 6 feet 2 inches
Net Worth: 6.5 million pounds (2022 figures)
Agent: Trivela SM
Annual salary: £2,604,000 (West Ham 2022 figures)
Football Education: Mohammed VI Academy


Nayef Aguerd bears the nickname Nayef Airlines. He was born to his parents – Mrs and Mrs Youssouf Hadji Aguerd on the 30th day of March 1996. Nayef’s birthplace is Kenitra, a city in North-Western Morocco. The Athlete wasn’t the only child of his parents as he grew up with his sister who goes by the name Jawaher Aguerd. Jawaher got married in 2018.

The Defender was raised in a middle-class family operated by a teacher (his Mum) and a retired football player (his Dad). During his childhood, one of Nayef Aguerd’s parents (his mother) made him experience a fairly strict upbringing. She wanted her children (Nayef and his sister, Jawaher) to get the best education. Nayef Aguerd’s Mum disliked football.

All the youngster wanted was to follow in the footsteps of his Dad and uncle. It is pertinent to note that Abdelmajid Bouyboud (a USA 1994 FIFA World Cup star) is Nayef Aguerd’s uncle.

Young Nayef psychologically worked on his Mum to convince her about his football dreams. At last, she released her football blessings after Nasser Larguet (the academy director at Mohammed VI Academy) convinced her.

For Nayef, serious football began when he left Kenitra football school to enrol as a border with Mohamed VI Academy. By doing that, Nayef Aguerd’s family (for the first time) saw him leaving home.

He progressed through the Mohamed VI football ranks to become a senior player. Following that, Aguerd signed for FUS Rabat where he won the Botola Pro championship. Since then, the Kenitra-born Moroccan footballer has not looked back.

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