Naomi Grace Plays Kayla Vance On NCIS As fans Wonder What Happened To Leon Vance Daughter On The Show?

Young and talented actress Naomi Grace took the role of Leon Vance’s daughter, Kayla Vance, in the NCIS TV series. Learn more about Naomi’s character on the show. 

NCIS viewers are loving season nineteen of the show. Especially the fourteenth episode, which Brian Dietzen co-wrote.

And things get even more interesting when familiar faces return to the show. Keep on reading to learn more about the most recent episode, but be sure to watch it first because the article may include spoilers.

Young Actress Naomi Grace Plays Kayla Vance On NCIS

Naomi Grace plays the role of Kayla Vance on the TV series NCIS. She continues to impress her viewers with her character’s back story blended with her acting skills.

Leon Vance, played by Rocky Carroll, the show’s director, and actor, has once again sent shivers down the spines of the show’s viewers with the appearance of his daughter Kayla Vance (Naomi Grace).

Kayla has been absent from the event for the previous four years. Her mother was slain in the line of fire when she was last seen in season 10. It had all started when Vance asked Ziva, her father, and Eli to dinner.

Eli was the main target at the supper at the Vance family home, but Paula also got shot and killed. The event had devastated the Vance family.

Kayla Vance hasn’t been seen much since then, but earlier this season, viewers were ecstatic to learn that former agent Leroy Gibbs was funding his colleagues’ children so they could pursue their dreams.

NCIS fans noticed that Kayla had already made up her mind about what she intended to accomplish. And the viewers couldn’t be happier now that they know what Kayla was up to.

What Happened To Leon Vance Daughter Kayla Vance On The Show?

Leon Vance’s Daughter Kayla Vance started attending Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre. She did this with the money  Leroy Gibbs was sending her to make her stand up on her own.

Vances’ (Naomi Grace) main aim for attending FLETC was to train and become an NCIS field agent. And this is not the end as Kayla joins the NCIS squad and even goes on one of the field trips.

When Kayla walks into the crime scene, she quickly notices how contaminated it is. They then begin gathering all available evidence in order to develop a lead in the investigation.

Naomi Grace Wikipedia: Her parents and early life explored

Actress Naomi Grace despite appearing in several super hit movies and TV series, has yet to get featured on Wikipedia.

Excluding her best project to date NCIS, Naomi has appeared in  Family Reunion and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

Speaking of her parents, Naomi has yet to reveal anything about them. However, she does share pictures with her co-stars, friends, and brother via her Instagram handle @naomigraceful.