“Most Guys Don’t Want Me, They Want My Dad” DJ Cuppy Cries Out

DJ Cuppy, a radio station personality and tycoon beneficiary, has lamented her circumstance because of men.

The very rich person’s little girl as of late focused on her inconveniences in a meeting. She has been searching for affection and regretting her single status.

Florence conceded that as a result of her dad, most men are attracted to her. She guarantees that they truly need her dad and not herself.

Cuppy conceded that she dated a man who continually enquired about her gathering the well off financial specialist.

“Such countless folks don’t need me, they need my father. I dated a fellow and he was like ‘when is he going to meet my father’”.

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Cuppy said of her fantasy accomplice, “I need a man who might cherish me profoundly and wouldn’t be after my father.”

“I maintain that somebody should cherish the poop out of me and like be blissful and my father resembles a side-effect”.

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