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Michelle Alegria

Michelle Alegria Wiki Biography

Michelle Alegria is well known journalist from America who spent a decade in action before reporting again. She is get more popular due to her work in the broadcasting industry – she has worked on a number of television stations in Chicago during her career. After a period of fiction as an actress, Alegria returned to her hometown and resumed her original profession.

Michelle is an American born in the first generation of Mexican parents who emigrated to the United States and raised their families in Melrose Park, Illinois.
After ten years of reporting in Chicago, Michelle moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in film and television.

Alegria has three sons – two daughters, Fiona and Sofia, and a son, CJ, with whom he currently lives in Chicago with his dog and cat, Cashie.

Michelle Alegria Education

Growing up in Illinois, Alegria was a contestant in the competition, even winning Miss Latina Illinois. As a teenager, he attended Trinity High School in River Forest, Illinois. After graduating, he continued his studies at Columbia College.

Michelle Alegria Career

Alegria began his career as a journalist in Chicago, who had about 10 years experience on the WLS Channel 7 190 Sever. Here he gained experience in time, news and radio news. For decades on Channel 7 he joined channel 32 in the WFLD channel. She became a traffic reporter for a good morning Chicago.

Michelle decided that she had never been too late to recover, and she was trying to pursue a career in another direction – it started pursuing her acting career!
After the first year and half of the training, Michelle continued in many commercials and television series, including recurring roles at Grey’s Anatomy and Castle. At that time he also landed a small role in films like Bling Ring (2013) and it was Dark (2013). 
Her latest film performance was in 2015 when she appeared in Mia, in a short film and in Stockholm, Pennsylvania. Since then she has always appeared in the castle, her last appearance in 2016.
In 2013, Alegria appeared on Jimmym Kimmel Live as a meteorologist. In 2017, when she lived for nearly ten years in Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, Alegria returned to Chicago. Since 2019 he has been working at Fox 32, where he also worked before moving to Los Angeles.

Michelle Alegria Facts

  • Although Alegria covered professional coverage, films and TV shows, Allegria’s roles were mostly from journalists and press office supervisors.
  • She’s a big fan of hiking and hiking.
  • Allegria’s 32nd channel has led her to cater to all sorts of celebrities and public figures, including Dogg’s Intrusion.
  • The presenter posed for a series of photos taken by photographers such as Grayson Wilder, as well as Johnny Murphy.