Miami Rapper Baby Cino aka Timothy Starks Shot Dead In Palmetto Shooting, Who Killed Him And Why?

‘Baby Cino,’ a Miami rapper, was shot and killed minutes after walking out of jail. Timothy Starks, a well-known rapper, isn’t the only one who has died this year.

Similarly, Wavy Navy Pooh was shot in a car in Miami on January 14th. Dott Woo, a resident of New York, was shot outside his Brooklyn home on February 3, just hours after signing a record deal.

A single shot to the neck murdered rapper Snootie Wild in Houston a few days later, on February 25.

Most of these killings remain unsolved, and assailants continue to target artists. No one knows why this happens and failing to treat the issue early enough is resulting in the deaths of an increasing number of rappers.

Rapper Baby Cino aka Timothy Starks Shot Dead; Who Killed Him?

Timothy Starks was a member of the Little Haiti neighborhood’s Boss Life gang.

It’s unclear whether that relationship played a role in his death at this time, but it’s highly likely.

With a loaded Glock 32 in his possession, he was apprehended and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. The next day, at 2:10 p.m., he was released and picked up by Dante’ Collins Banks.

Starks and Banks were presumably still wearing the prisoner bracelet as a hail of gunshots rained down on them.

According to reports, almost 40 shots were fired at the Nissan Banks was driving. As a result of the shootings, Banks’ car slammed into a concrete barrier wall along the Palmetto Expressway, allegedly gravely injuring him.

The police are currently searching for the shooter and are investigating the case.

Baby Cino Wiki Explored

Baby Cino is unavailable on the official page of Wikipedia.

He was an emerging rapper and was releasing his music in the mainstream at a regular interval.

On SoundCloud, Starks had a sizable following, but he exclusively followed Twig Andretti and 6ixGod Spazz, two teenage rappers who used their music to express “the terror” on Northwest 56th Street.

“If I don’t murder, then I can’t eat… bullets sound just like a rhythm,” Starks said in a video posted to Instagram on March 1st while listening to gangster rap.

Starks was detained following a traffic stop in Opa-Locka on Tuesday. On Wednesday, prosecutors charged him with carrying a concealed handgun without a legal license, and a gunman murdered him shortly after he was released on bail.

What Was Baby Cino Age?

Timothy Starks, commonly known as Baby Cino, was just 20 years old at the time and still trying to make a name for himself in the music industry.

He has three songs on YouTube, the most recent of which was released in January 2022 and was named ‘Big Haiti Shottas.’

Gary Laguerre, an 18-year-old who was shot at an apartment building in 2020, is honored in this song.

Aside from his possible YouTube channel, Starks didn’t appear to have much of a social media presence.

Unfortunately, further details about his life are not available on the internet.

Baby Cino Instagram Bio

Baby Cino has mentioned himself as the neighborhood hope dealer and the upcoming artist from Miami in his Instagram bio.

One can explore his Instagram posts under his username @babycino1.

He had gathered 3514 followers in his Instagram handle. Likewise, he has uploaded 14 posts to his profile.

Baby Cino’s account is unavailable on the Twitter platform.

However, after his murder, many people have tweeted about his death and sent prayers and condolences to his family.

Baby Cino Girlfriend Revealed

The rapper had kept his dating status a secret from the public.

He appeared to be single since he hadn’t acknowledged or shared any photos of his partner on social media.

Cino’s girlfriend had never been the subject of any gossip.

He could have dated his girlfriend and was keeping his relationship hidden from his fans.