Meet Sydney Isitt-Ager aka Miss Nerris From Christmas On Mistletoe Farm

Sydney Isitt-Ager is a 23 year old English entertainer. Sydney started her vocation at 9 years old.

She later showed up in the subsequent movies “Nativity 2: The Artist in the Director” and “Nativity 3: Buddy, Where’s My Jackass?” In 2015, Sydney was an individual from “NATIVITY! The Melodic’s” underlying St. Bernadette’s studio cast.

The entertainer most as of late assumed a supporting part in the spic and span Christmas movie “Christmas on Mistletoe Ranch.” The new movie was composed and coordinated by Debbie Isitt, while Sean Van Hales was responsible for the camera work.

Debbie worked really hard bringing a cheerful, inviting climate to the film. There’s no question that Christmas on Mistletoe Ranch is spilling over with occasional delight and that it impeccably encapsulates the season.

Christmas On Mistletoe Homestead Sydney Isitt Ager Age  Sydney Isitt-Ager is 23 years of age. Sydney was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, Britain, on Walk 19, 1999, to guardians Nicky Isitt-Ager and Debbie Isitt.

The entertainer is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, or 165 cm, and has a delightful figure. She has consistently had major areas of strength for an in acting and used to foster her discourses and play them before the mirror.

Debbie Isitt, her mom, is a chief who has coordinated the “Nativity” film series. In any case, her mom never got her on board since she needed to ensure that her little girl entered the universe of acting and performing.

She just made that move since she perceived her kid’s true capacity and was ready to give her kid all that she brought to the table. Sydney has showed up in films with Martin Freeman and Marc Wootton.

Sydney Isitt-Ager Job in “Christmas On Mistletoe Ranch”  In the shiny new occasion film “Christmas on Mistletoe Ranch,” which debuts on Netflix on November 23, Sydney plays Miss Nerris, a supporting job. She thinks of it as a round trip insight and is excited to perform at the Birmingham Nativity establishment this Christmas.  The most up to date Christmas film from Netflix, “Christmas on Mistletoe Ranch,” was planned to make a big appearance on the help on November 23, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET/12 PM PT.

The film, which was composed and coordinated by Debbie Isitt, follows a striving father of five who battles to adjust his own and proficient life. The film has a 100-minute running time.

The cast of the film is fascinating and is driven by Scott Garnham as Matt Cunningham, a dad who as of late lost his better half. The entertainers in the film played out a truly great job. Close by Scott, entertainers playing essential parts incorporate Kathryn Drysdale as Miss Ashley, Scott Paige as Beano, Delilah O’Riordan as Rosie, Evan Scot as Charlie, Madison Davis as Lily, Confidence Delaney as Violet, and Buster (played by Dexter Sol Ansell).

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