Who Is Brooke Burr: Richard Burr Wife?

Brooke Burr is popularly known as the wife of U.S. Senator Richard Burr. Besides that, she has her own identity as a real estate agent. 

Likewise, Brooke is also associated with Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s been two decades since Brooke started working in real estate.

Brooke Burr tied the knot with her husband Richard in 1984. 

The Burr couple has been happily married to each other for almost 37 years.

Brooke Bur shared two children with her spouse. Richard Tyler Burr and William Fauth Burr are the two adult sons of Brooke and Richard Burr.

Now the pair are grandparents of three grandchildren, i.e., two granddaughters and one grandson.

Brooke Burr Wikipedia & Bio

The real estate agent, Brooke Burr, hasn’t got a profile on Wikipedia yet. In contrast to that, her husband Richard Burr is featured on the mainstream page Wikipedia.

The full name of Brooke Burr is Brooke F. Burr. She earned B.A. in Economics Management from Salem College.

Earlier, Brooke used to work at banks before becoming a real estate agent. 

In 2002, Brooke Burr was honored with the title Triad Business Journal’s Women in Business Award.

Talking about Brooke’s husband, he is a dean at North Carolina’s congressional delegation. Richard was also a member of the United States House of Representatives previously.

Brooke Burr Age Exposed

While observing through photographs, Brooke burr might be in her fifties.

As Brooke Burr hasn’t disclosed her birth date, we estimate her age to be around 55 to 60 years old.

Her husband, Richard Burr, is now 66 years of age, born on 30 November 1955. So, Brooke Burr must also belong to the same age group.

Brooke Burr was born to her parent Mr. Gerald Fauth Jr. and Mrs. Carole Barber Fauth. She was raised with her sister Kylie Fauth.

Brooke Burr On Twitter

We try to find Brooke Burr on Twitter but sadly, she has no accounts at the moment.

Brooke Burr is not available on any social media platforms as per our research. 

There is an account of her husband Richard Burr on Twitter as @BurrForSenate with 7,255 followers. He keeps posting photos of Brooke Burr on his social handles.