Meet Patpat Miranda AKA Maktin Miranda: Fanny Serrano Daughter – Age And Wikipedia

Patpat Miranda has lost her beloved father, Fanny Serrano, who contributed a lot to the Filipino entertainment industry in the following years. 

Patpat Miranda is the daughter of award-winning Filipino makeup artist and actor Fanny Serrano. In particular, Fanny was one of the best celebrity stylists and makeup artists in the entertainment industry. Her father started her journey in the beauty world of the entertainment industry, working as an assistant at a local salon, and later became a hairdresser in the following years.

However, Patpat Miranda lost her dear father on May 10, 2022, as he passed away peacefully in his deep sleep at his residence in Maroto Quezon City. Patpat and her family are in deep pain due to the sudden demise of their beloved one. Further, thousands of people have forwarded their humble sympathy and condolences toward her family.

Who Is Patpat Miranda? Fanny Serrano’s Daughter

Patpat Miranda has tributed her love and respect towards her beloved father as she wrote beautiful words for her dear father on social sites. Thousands of people have sent their love and respect for the humble man and artist via their social handles.

In particular, Patpat Miranda has acknowledged her father for his love and care, and she adored her father for his never-ending care and nurture. She usually addresses her father as Papa out of deep love and care.

Patpat has expressed her thankfulness towards her father for his uncountable contribution to his family throughout his entire life. Moreover, she explained that she is proud of being Fanny Serrano’s daughter due to his good deeds.

On the other hand, she has thanked everyone for their love and concern towards his father, and she has mentioned that her father is in the safest hand of Almighty God. We also want to tribute respect to the humble artist for his incredible works.

Patpat Miranda Wiki: She Lost Her Father At This Early Age

Patpat Miranda falls between 30 to 35, looking at her physical attribute at the current date. However, her exact date of birth is still missing from the web. On the other hand, her father died at the age of 74 as he was born in 1948.

In particular, Fanny Serrano suffered a stroke in 2016, and he had another major stroke in March 2021. However, Patpat and her family have not disclosed the detail of his sudden demise at the current date.

Fanny Serrano will be remembered for his contribution to the entertainment industry as he worked in multiple credits, including Tarim 2010, Tulak 2009, One More Rainbow, and Jesusa 2019.

Patpat Miranda Husband: She Is A Married Woman

Patpat Miranda is a happily married woman as she has been in a marital relationship with her dear husband, Raffie Robles, for years. Further, she shares a strong bond with her husband as she usually admires her husband.

Following her social media activities, she shares two adorable children from her marriage, and she often shares her family photo on her social sites.