Meet DJ Ashley James’ Husband As The Couple Announced Pregnancy

Ashley James and her would-be husband Tom Andrews announced that she’s pregnant with their second baby.

Ashley James is an English TV personality, presenter, and DJ, recognized for her appearance in Made In Chelsea.

The E4 series is a long-running show that shows the regular life of the young men and women from Chelsea who go through various ups and downs in their journey. The show has been running for over a decade and is popular among the audience.

Among various celebrities who rose to prominence from the series, Ashley James is one of the widely recognized personalities. Not only her professional life, but the fans also take a keen interest in her personal life and follow her closely to stay updated about her ongoing moments.

As the fans are well aware of the lady’s love life, many wonder if she is married to her current partner, Tom Andrews, and if the couple is in a husband and wife relationship. Continue reading as we explore more about Ashley’s partner and other personal life details.

Quick Facts

Real Name Ashley James
Age 35
Net Worth Around $1 Million
Boyfriend Tom Andrews
Hometown Chelsea
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60 kg
Instagram @ashleylouisejames
Twitter @ashleyljames

Who Is Ashley James Husband Tom Andrews?

Tom Andrews, who is yet to become Ashley James’s husband, is the loving boyfriend of the lady.

James and her boyfriend, Andrews, have been together for almost three years, but they are yet to tie the knot. So, Tom is yet to get that husband’s title officially, but seeing her close relationship, no one can say that the couple is not already married.

They met for the first time on December 1, 2019, when they agreed to go on an online date, the lady reveals in her recent Instagram post. James disclosed their first encounter while wishing her man his birthday on September 10.

In the post, she explains how things have turned beautifully in her life, from finding the love of her life in Tom and having a baby together. Well, the couple will soon be the parents of a second child.

Ashley James Is Pregnant At The Age Of 35

Ashley James is pregnant again at age 35 as the TV personality is expecting her second childbirth.

The woman took to her Instagram account to share the news and uploaded a short video about her pregnancy. In the sweet footage, she shows her pregnancy test results and baby scans as the lady shares the auspicious occasion of her second pregnancy with the fans.

Speaking about it, James also mentioned that her second child will be born in 2023, but she didn’t disclose a more exact time, such as a specific month. However, based on other details, it seems likely that the gorgeous presenter will be a mother for the second time in early 2023.

Her Net Worth Is Around $1 Million

Ashley James has an estimated net worth of around $900,000 to $1 million as per News Unzip.

The primary source of her revenue comes from her career as a TV personality, presenter, and DJ. She has been active in the entertainment field for a long time, and within these years, it remains clear that the lady has accumulated decent wealth.

Besides her on-screen works, James earns a good income from her other ventures, such as brand works, endorsements, and collaborations. Compiling these details, we expect her to have a decent fortune even though the official valuation remains pending.

Some FAQs

Is Ashley James Married?

No, Ashley James is not yet married.

What Is Ashley James Net Worth?

Ashley James has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

Is Ashley James Pregnant?

Yes, Ashley James is pregnant with her second child in 2022.