Markquis Nowell parents are Marcus Nowell Sr and Kisha Morales. Markquis grew up with his three siblings in Brooklyn, New York City.

Fueled by their passion for sports, all three of his brothers, Marcus, Marius, and Marek, have followed their athletic pursuits. 

Besides, Nowell and his brothers were instilled with a passion for sports from a young age, honing their skills and agility under their father’s mentorship.

The 23-year-old young basketball prodigy plays as a Kansas State University Point Guard. With his tireless dedication and talent, Nowell is striving in the NCAA league with his college team Kansas State Wildcats.

He played for Little Rock Trojan for three years before joining the Wildcats in 2021. 

Markquis performed commendably against the Kentucky Wildcats, scoring an astounding 27 points and securing a hard-fought 75-69 victory for his team in March 2023. Nowell is set to star in the sweet 16 of March Madness 2023 against Spartans led by Tom Izzo.

Markquis Nowell Family Life

Markquis Nowell family includes his mother Kisha Nowell and father Marcus Nowell Sr. They raised Markquis in New York City. 

Born on 25 December 1999, the 5-feet-8 athlete showed interest in basketball from a young age. 

Markquis Nowell Mom

Nowell’s mom Kisha is a real estate professional who works as an incurrence and AR File clerk at SW Management LLC. She has been part of the entity for eleven years since joining in 2012.

The story of Nowell’s rise to prominence dates back to his childhood, when he, along with his mother, Kisha Morales, and older brother Marcus, resided in a modest apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

In their small bedroom, the two brothers slept on twin beds as Markquis’ passion for basketball began to take root. 

Markquis Nowell Dad

Marcus Sr and Marcus Jr played a massive role in Markquis’s development as a player. 

His dad and Markquis spent three months playing with his big brother at every park they could find after he was not selected for a grassroots team at age seven.

Nowell Sr. trusted former K-State assistant Shane Southwell with his son’s future, who had connections in New York, where the Nowell family is from. 

Markquis has always been a talented player, and his father recalls that coaches sometimes hesitated to select him because of his abilities, the Athletic reported.

However, the young athlete continued to work hard and earned a place on the K-State team. His dad hoped a large crowd of around 3K people to come to the game specifically to see Markquis’s debut game.

Markquis Nowell Siblings

Markquis is one of four siblings born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. He has three brothers named Marcus Jr, Marius, and Marek Nowell.

In his early years, Nowell pledged himself to emerge as the most exceptional player to hail from New York.

Alongside his elder brother Marcus Jr, he partook in hardcore shooting drills until their bodies could no longer endure the exertion. Afterward, they would rest briefly on a bench before resuming their practice.

In addition, Nowell has fostered an exceptionally tight bond with each of his three siblings, with a particular emphasis on his relationship with Marcus Jr.

The two have been inseparable since their early years, sharing their lives and experiences. Besides, his Instagram handle, with 11,900 followers, is dense with pictures of his young bro Markquis.

Likewise, Marcus Jr. is an ardent supporter of his sibling, as is evident from the numerous posts on his Twitter profile.

It is flocked with posts revolving around his brother’s basketball games, chronicling his feats and victories in the many games he has partaken in.

Moreover, Marcus Jr has a daughter named Maddie Nowell. In November 2021, he dropped a snapshot with Maddie as they sport matching Mickey Mouse hairbands, taken during their visit to Disneyland.

Markquis Nowell Childhood

Nowell’s love for basketball was apparent from the outset. He spent his childhood years on 109th and Lexington, honing his skills on the asphalt courts.

His older brother, father, and uncles put him through grueling training sessions, preparing him for the competitive world of outdoor basketball.

Nowell kicked off his high school tenure at the renowned basketball dynasty of St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, under the tutelage of the illustrious Coach Bob Hurley Sr.

However, following a lack of playing time in his freshman year, he switched schools to Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School for his sophomore and junior years, where he played alongside the formidable Champagnie brothers, Julian and Justin.

In his junior year, Markquis boasted impressive stats, averaging 19.9 points and 8.1 assists per game.

For his senior season, he transferred to The Patrick School, where he averaged 10.9 points per game despite a month-long absence due to injuries. Remarkably, Nowell received no Division 1 offer after high school until he finally joined Little Rock.