Mark Milley Wife: Meet Hollyanne Milley

Hollyanne Milley is he wife of Mark Milley, a retired United States Army general

The couple has been married since May 1985. They have two kids Mary and Peter Milley

Hollyane was born  on January 19, 1965.  Hollyanne is a nurse who has worked in critical care for 18 years and cardiac nursing for 15 years.

She currently resides in Northern Virginia. She saved the life of a veteran who had collapsed during the 2020 Veterans Day service at Arlington National Cemetery.

Hollyanne Milley has been a nurse for 36 years, the last 18 of which she spent in hospital acute care units and emergency rooms.

She specialized in cardiac nursing for the last 18 years and is now a cardiac nurse in Northern Virginia. Hollyanne has remained active in the military and medical communities despite several movements during her husband’s career.

Hollyanne is a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer who helps people and communities affected by natural disasters such as fires and floods.

She is deeply committed in aiding military families and service members in addition to her career as a nurse. She has worked as a Senior Advisor for a variety of organizations, including the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF), the United Service Organizations (USO), and the American Red Cross (ARC).