Mario Fiorentini Children: Meet Claudia, Giancarlo And Davide

Mario Fiorentini was an Italian partisan, spy, mathematician, and academic, for years a professor of geometry at the University of Ferrara. He was operative in numerous actions including the assault on the entrance to the Regina Coeli prison and participated in the organization of the attack via Rasella.

Meet Claudia,Giancarlo and Davide

while he was active in the Resistance that Fiorentini met Lucia Ottobrini from 1924 to 2015 who was also playing a major role in that organization. They married in 1945 and had three children: Claudia who was born in 1946, Giancarlo who was born in 1951, and Davide who was born in 1963.

In 1918, Fiorentini was born in Rome to Maria Moscatelli and Pacifico Fiorentini. His mother, a Catholic, traveled to Rome from Cittaducale in quest of work, as did many other young people at the time; his father, a Jew, was an accountant and bankruptcy administrator by profession. He was survived by his wife and children.