Maria Elvira Salazar Parents: Héctor Salazar, Marta Bermudo

Maria Elvira Salazar, the accomplished U.S. representative for Florida’s 27th congressional district, has a rich and diverse background shaped by the experiences of her parents, Héctor Salazar and Marta Bermudo.

Born in the heart of Miami’s vibrant Little Havana neighborhood, Salazar’s roots are deeply embedded in the Cuban culture. Her parents, Héctor Salazar and Marta Bermudo, were Cuban exiles seeking refuge and a new beginning in the United States.

Growing up in a household that carried the weight of exile and the aspirations for a better life, Salazar imbibed the values of resilience, tenacity, and a commitment to making a difference.

Bilingualism became a natural part of Salazar’s upbringing, with Spanish and English seamlessly intertwining in her daily life. This linguistic versatility not only reflects her multicultural heritage but also serves as a testament to the rich tapestry of her identity.

Salazar’s childhood was further enriched by the experience of spending time in Puerto Rico, adding another layer to her multicultural upbringing. These formative years laid the groundwork for her understanding of diverse perspectives, a quality that would later shape her career in journalism and politics.

Educationally, Salazar attended the Deerborne School of Coral Gables and later graduated from Miami Dade College. In 1983, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Miami. Building on this foundation, she pursued higher education at Harvard University, where in 1995, she earned a master’s degree in public administration from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School.