Mandy Rose Leaked Video And Photo Reddit Update: Tape Scandal And Controversy

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Amanda Rose Saccomanno is a fitness and figure competitor from the United States and a television personality. 

She was the leader of Toxic Attraction and a former NXT Women’s Champion, but her most well-known role was as Mandy Rose in the WWE.

Rose started competing professionally in fitness competitions in 2013 and switched to bodybuilding the following year. 

She won the WWE competition Tough Enough in 2015, and shortly after, she got a deal with the company and became a member of the cast of Total Divas, a reality television program. 

In November 2017, Rose made her main roster debut alongside Paige and Sonya Deville as part of the short-lived faction Absolution, following a brief stay in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT.

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Mandy Rose Leaked Video And Photo Reddit Update

After being sacked from the WWE late last year due to an incident involving racy content, former star Mandy Rose says she’s doing OK. 

The 33-year-old was discovered to have broken her WWE contract after pictures from her FanTime page—a website that functions similarly to OnlyFans—went viral. 

But Rose—real name: Amanda Saccomanno—has now opened a full-fledged OnlyFans account, and it seems like she’s earning more money there than she did when she was a professional wrestler.

It’s been incredible. “To be honest, the reaction has been amazing,” Rose said in a recent TMZ interview. 

“I love having this direct relationship with my fans where we can chat all day. They can see all the behind-the-scenes action of my day-to-day photoshoots and all that spicy content.” 

This controversy over Mandy Rose leaked video spread all over Reddit.

Mandy Rose Tape Scandal And Controversy

Following multiple nude photo and video releases from her FanTime page—a paid content website akin to OnlyFans—Rose was released.

Based on the material she shared on her FanTime page, WWE management believed they were in a difficult situation. 

They believed it to be outside the terms of her WWE contract, according to Fightful Select. A request for feedback from Mandy Rose was not answered. If and when she does, this post will be updated.

In 2020, Vince McMahon ordered WWE Superstars—considered independent contractors—to give up their third-party contracts. 

The decree caused great controversy in the WWE locker room, and presidential contender Andrew Yang even called out the directive, promising to defend wrestler rights if he were appointed Secretary of Labor.

The third-party deal ban was later abolished by WWE in 2022. However, the risqué nature of the purportedly private images for payment elevates Rose’s case above the discussion of third-party deals. 

WWE views itself as a family-friendly brand with TV-PG content, much like Disney, and it was adamantly opposed to one of its big players disclosing explicit stuff, whether it was leaked or not.

Early Life Details Of Mandy Rose

Westchester County, New York, is home to the New York suburb where Amanda Rose Saccomanno was born. 

On October 3, 2022, her older brother Richard, the youngest and only child of four, passed away following a protracted battle with depression. 

Her ancestry is Italian and Irish. “Hamburgers” was her nickname as a child. While attending Yorktown High School, she engaged in dancing activities. 

Later, she majored in speech pathology at Iona College to obtain her bachelor’s degree. 

She participated in her first fitness competition and won the Boston Show’s World Bodybuilding Fitness & Fashion. 

She was also named the World Bikini Champion for Fitness, Beauty, and Fashion in 2014.