Maggie Wheeler parents: Meet John Jakobson and Barbara Jakobson

Maggie Wheeler’s parents are John Jakobson and Barbara Jakobson. Her mother, Barbara is a writer.

Maggie Wheeler has not revealed enough identifying information regarding her mother. However, her mother is of American nationality.

Maggie Wheeler’s father John Jakobson began his career on Wall Street as one of the youngest members of the New York Stock Exchange. John Jakobson age 86, died on Friday, April 7, 2017, in New York City.

John Jakobson was born May 27, 1930, in New York City to Louis and Lucille (Rafelson) Jakobson as the youngest of three children including sister Helen Mintz and brother Peter Jakobson.

In 1989, John Jakobson was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Wesleyan where he served on the board of trustees.

John Jakobson was previously married to Joan Caraganis Jakobson and Barbara Jakobson. He graduated valedictorian from Stuyvesant High School and then from Wesleyan University in 1952 and from Harvard Business School in 1954.