Luke Rodgers Married Aimee Wathen:: Age, Wedding, Net Worth (Aaron Rodgers Brother)

Luke Rodgers married Aimee Wathen: Luke Rodgers recently married his fiancé Aimee Wathen. The pair had previously engaged in July 2018. Luke’s brother Jordan Rodgers attended the wedding but it is not known whether his other brother Aaron Rodgers was there.

Jordan Rodgers was the best man at the wedding. The ceremony was held at the Riverwood Mansion which is located in Nashville.

It has been stated that Luke and Jordan don’t have a good relationship with Aaron Rodgers. This further supports the rumors that Aaron did not attend his brother’s wedding.

Luke Rodgersa Aaron Rodgers’ Brother, Wiki, Bio

Luke is mostly recognized as Aaron Rodgers’ Brother. Aaron has been a very successful footballer and he plays in the quarterback position for the Green Bay Packers.

Luke was the main man in Packer’s 2010 Super Bowl XLV victory. Additionally, he has a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 4.23 which is the best in the NFL. His record stands at 100 wins 57 losses.

Aaron has received numerous awards in his career. He was the al Co-Offensive MVP in 2004. In addition, he has also been named NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2011 and 2014.

Luke Rodgers is not as famous as his other two brothers. His brother Aaron, 35, is a famous American quarterback. He is one of the most successful quarterbacks of the present generation. Some people rate him as high as Tom Brady.

Luke’s other brother Jordan is a sports commentator. He previously played college football and was also went pro for a period of time. Furthermore, he has also appeared in shows like ‘The Bachelorette’, ‘Access Hollywood’, and ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

In the recent wedding of his brother Luke, Jordan said that he and his partner JoJo Fletcher were next in line to get married.

Luke is the only brother among the three to not choose a career in sports. Although he considers himself a big fan of sports, he never really enjoyed playing.

Luke is the co-founder of Pro Merch. It is a merchandise company for sports. He has also been part of the Fuel TV’s show ‘Clean Break.’ In the show, Luke has done some hardcore stuff like jumping out of planes and surfing.

In 2017, Luke revealed that he has not spoken with his brother Aaron in two and a half years. The brothers seem distant and the chances are Aaron did not attend the wedding of Luke.

Luke Rodgers Net Worth

Although Luke Rodgers’ net worth is not available, his brother Aaron Rodgers has a net worth of $ 70 Million. Additionally, his other brother Jordan has an estimated net worth of $1,8 million.

Luke Rodgers: Wedding, Wife – Aimee Wathen

As mentioned earlier, Luke Rodgers’ wedding with Aimee Wathen took place in April 2019. The wedding ceremony was attended by his friends and families.

His brother Jordan was the best man at the wedding. This is only fitting as it has been reported that Jordan has a great relationship with Luke. However, his relationship with Aaron is not that good.

What is Luke Rodgers’ Age?

Luke Rodgers is 19 months older than Aaron. This makes his age 37 years. His brothers Jordan and Aaron are 30 and 35 years old respectively.