Love Never Lies Season 2 Cast: Learn About How Couples Put Their Relationship To Test

There are six couples in Love Never Lies Season 2. Thus, there will be 12 members who will compete in the love game.

The Spanish show will take the viewers on a trip to Sardinia, where they can see couples putting themselves to the test with single men and women before whom they have to show strong resistance if they want to save their relationship.

Previously, in Season 1, Paula and Daniel walked away with the grand prize and the winner’s title. And, based on their Instagram pictures, they seem to be together even now.

Get To Know Love Never Lies Season 2 Cast

There will be six couples in the Season 2 of Love Never Lies. The couples are Aiser and Irene, Lucia and Antonio, Miguel and Alejandro, Guillem and Sara, Vicky and Inma & Maria and Javier. These six couples with some relationship problems will be tested, and viewers will see which couple can fix the issues in their relationship.

There will also be a few men and women who will appear as distractions to the contestants.

Asier and Irene

According to Realitytitbit, Asier and Irene have been together for a while now. But, their relationship has seen some turbulent phases. It is said that they have some infidelity issues, and they decided to participate in the show to fix the problems and trust issues.

In one of the episodes, it was revealed that Asier had once met up with a girl and decided to sleep with her, but he did not do it because he was afraid of what Irene might do if she found out.

Lucia and Antonio

Lucia fell in love with Antonio because of his caring nature, whereas Antonio found Lucia a smart woman. However, their relationship starts to face trouble when Antonio begins to feel that his partner is becoming controlling in their relationship as she tends to think she is always right.

Thus, the couple has shown up in the show to fix these small issues in their relationship.

Miguel and Alejandro

The problem with Miguel and Alejandro’s relationship is that the latter feels his partner is slightly overprotective. While he loves his protective nature, he also wants to feel free-spirited sometimes.

Guillem and Sara

The couple started dating after they fell in love at first sight. But, as they move forward together, Guillem feels that their relationship lacks communication and wants Sara to be more empathetic.

Vicky and Inma

The pair realized they loved each other when they broke up for two months. They are quick to rekindle their love, but they still have some trust issues, which they think will be solved as they are in the show.

Maria and Javier

Maria and Javier’s relationship has issues of infidelity. Maria found out that her boyfriend cheated on her, but they decided to solve the problems in their relationship and are looking for 100 percent honesty if they wish to spend the rest of their lives together.

Where And How To Watch Love Never Lies Season 2 – Filming Location

Love Never Lies released on November 10, 2022, and viewers can watch it on Netflix. Additionally, viewers can buy or rent to watch the show.

It will feature six couples living separately in two different villas. Their love will be tested as they see their partners being distracted by sexy single men and women.

The prize money for the winner is 100,000 Euros, which will go up and down based on the contestant’s honesty during the Eye detector test.

Season 2 Was Filmed In Sardinia, Italy

Despite being a Spanish show, the production team went to Italy for the shoot. The filming location of Season 2 of Love Never Lies is in Sardinia, Italy.

From the trailer, it seems that the production team sets up camp in one of the villas located on the island. In addition, some picturesque scenes of the island and the villa were visible in the images shared by the contestants on their social media platforms.

The location is popular for filming, and even James Bond, the actor in The Spy Who Loved Me, landed in one of the beautiful resorts Cala di Volpe Bay. Likewise, other movies like The Man Who Bought The Moon, Forbidden, and Red Desert were filmed on the island.

Sardinia has been described as a micro-continent due to its diversity of habitats, including mountains, woodlands, plains, streams, rocky coasts, and long sandy beaches. Many modern travelers and writers have praised the beauty of its long-untouched landscapes.

Season 1 Filming Location In Spain

The first season of the show was filmed in Spain. However, according to Cinemaholic, there may have been two locations where the show was filmed, i.e., Ibiza and Madrid.

Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea off the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. It is located 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Valencia. In the summer, Ibiza is widely renowned for its nightlife and electronic dance music club scene, which draw many tourists.

Likewise, Madrid, the capital of Spain, is coveted for its rich European art. During the filming of Love Never Lies, one of the cast members, Fran Puerta, shared a glimpse of the island and Madrid on his Instagram.

Love Never Lies Season 2 Trailer

Viewers can watch Love Never Lies Season 2 trailer on Netflix. The trailer is not yet released on Youtube in English, but it is available with the name “Amor con Fianza.” The fans can watch the trailer in English subtitles.

There Are Seven Episodes This Season

This season, there are seven episodes which are named; Five and a half couples, The Past will come back to bite you, Fiction is stranger than truth, An eye for an eye, Runaway Sara, True love knows no “gender,” and I want to break free.

The first episode begins with six couples facing turbulence when they face the first eye detection test together. Then, the couples are separated in different villas and struggle to trust their partners as they are incited with the new single men and women.