Love Allways Paramount Cast and Release Date

Love Allways Paramount cast consists of Sienna Scibird, Jasmine Cervantes, Kalysta Mallory, Camille Cupid, Rylin Utah and 9 others.

The newest dating reality show Love Allways will follow social media influencer and TikTok video creator Lexi Paloma.

Lexi will be looking for her perfect match on the show, she is the ultimate Bachelorette and her suitors will compete for her attention.

The popular Tiktoker is open to relationships with people who do not identify as strictly men or women.

Tiktoker Paloma also shared the big news with her followers sharing a video and writing that her new television show is coming out.

The Awesomeness Unscripted and Digital Studio is all set to introduce its third production dating reality show Love Allways on Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus is developing new ideas and currently focusing on Genz by giving new looks and tastes to the show.

Meet The Cast of Paramount Plus’s Love Allways

Love Allways paramount cast includes Sienna Scibird, Jasmine Cervantes, Kalysta Mallory, Camille Cupid, and 9 others. It is a pansexual dating show.

The Paramount Plus is all set to release its new and unique dating reality show. Lexi is also excited to embark on her journey.

Per Deadline, Many of the contestants are said to be influencers. They are active on social media and create content for the audiences.

The Paramount reality series won’t be centered on a single relationship as compared to other typical dating shows.

As the channel is adapting new ideas and focusing on the new generation, the fans are excited to experience what the channel can offer the viewers.

In this dating show, there will be lots of drama, betrayal, passion, and jealousy as the contestant will start falling for one another.

Love Allways Paramount Cast:

  • Sienna Scibird
  • Jasmine Cervantes
  • Kalysta Mallort
  • Camille Cupid
  • Rylin Utah
  • Jayme Aiden
  • Cyprien Boustiha
  • Marc Bateman
  • Tyler Hearing
  • Luis Diaz
  • Brian Batesy
  • Joshua Cureton
  • Cameron James

Who Is Lexi Paloma on Love Allways?

Lexi Paloma is a well-known TikTok creator, actress, model, and Influencer. She will be seen as the main lead of Love Allways.

The dating show will center on TikTok video creator Lexi’s search for love.

Her possible love interest will ultimately fall in love with the active advice of two relationships expert.

According to Paramount Press Express, Lexi will have the option to find love with people of all genders, but the pressure will grow as she gets closer to deciding who could be the one.

Lexi is famous for creating dance videos with some of her best friends. There are lots of POV videos that can be seen on her Tiktok page.

Similarly, she also posts videos about life as well as dating. Her consistency with content-making has helped her gain millions of fan followers.

She has got more than a million followers on Tiktok and 25 million likes on her videos. Her recent viral video is in the song Peaches and Eggplant.

On February 3, Lexi shared a thread of pictures attending the popular Amazon Prime television film Somebody I Used To Know.

Similarly, Lexi has collaborated and modeled for various brands. Recently, she was seen working with the Coco Rocha Model Camp.

Lexi and her close friend Ashley Michelle Suarez were seen vacationing together at Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain on March 6, 2023.

Per her Instagram, Lexi is an outdoorsy person who loves to explore, travel make videos, spend time with her friends, and travel to exotic places.

She is close to her father and keeps posting his pictures every once in a while. She made a post about him on his birthday on June 28, 2022.

Love Allways Matchmakers

Spicy Mari and Anthony Recenello are the two matchmakers of the new dating reality series Love Allways.

Spicy Mari is the Chief Executive Officer at The Spicy Life Inc. She is a vibrant relationship and communication expert.

She is focused on creating unforgettable experiences through innovative initiatives and transforming perspectives and fueling connections.

Similarly, Anthony Recenello has been actively assisting both men and women in finding the right relationship by enhancing their outlook, charm, and social skills since 2005.

The two relationship coaches will guide Lexi and the other contestants and show them in the right direction.

As per the format of the show, the matchmakers will not just focus on Lexi but on the whole bunch of contestants to make the show interesting.

The contestants will be guided and mentored by them, and at the end, helps them find their forever partner with their fellow castmates.

Per Pop Culture news, the Matchmakers will also be seen competing against each other. The contestants will be divided into two groups and follow the guidance.

This specific reality program will reject the usual genre and offer the viewers fresh tastes and amusement.

Over the next weeks, viewers will watch the well-known TikToker going out with possible love interests in search of her ideal match.

The journey will be fun with twists and turns as there will be lots of challenges and competition that the contestants need to do.

Not only the lead actress Lexi but also the other cast members will look for love within the contestant in the Paramount Plus series.

Eventually, the contestants will start falling for one another, which will entertain the audience and be interesting to watch.

Love Allways Filming Location and Release Date

The new reality dating show is releasing in Pride Month, which is June 2, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET exclusively on Paramount Plus.

Love Allways, a Gen-Z dating reality series, will be available to stream on Paramount Plus this Friday.

But the fans will have to wait until Paramount distributes each episode each week to catch up with the rest of the episode.

The ten-long episode will showcase the Love Allways popular influencers doing tasks, completing challenges, and trying to win love with one another.

The first three episodes will premiere together on the website, while the next seven will be distributed on Paramount+.

As per Lexi’s Instagram, the reality show Love Allways was shot early in 2023. She seems extremely excited and wanted to show it to her fans.

The reality dating series was shot in Los Angeles, California on a beautiful resort surrounded by exotic pools.