Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver Cooper Kupp Is Revered As A Role Model By His Siblings

Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams who set 15 FCS receiving records, was a four-time All-American at Eastern Washington and the 69th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

In the Pacific Northwest, Kupp developed a cult-like following as a result of his astounding statistics and skill set, and this fanbase is still growing today.

Kupp continues the legacy of his father and grandparents, who were both league players. The Kupp family is just the fifth to have three generations of members selected in the NFL.

Quick Facts:

Name Cooper Douglas Kupp
Age 29 years
Parents Craig and Karin Kupp
Siblings Ketner, Kobe, and Katrina
Wife Anne Marie Kupp (m. 2015)
Children Cooper Jameson Jr. and Cypress Stellar Kupp
Net Worth $18 million

Cooper Kupp And His Three Other Siblings: Ketner, Kobe, And Katrina

The NFL star was raised in Yakima, Washington, with his two brothers, Ketner and Kobe, and one sister, Katrina.

Everyone in the clan reportedly attended and graduated from Yakima’s Davis High School.

Throughout high school, Cooper and his siblings were also involved in sports. His siblings were active in football, baseball, and soccer.

Moreover, his brother Kobe, a senior at Davis High School, played baseball for the Pirates, but it’s unclear if he continued his career in sports or not. 

His Brother Ketner Was Three-Year Starter At Eastern Washington University

Cooper’s younger brother, Ketner Kupp, became a linebackers coach for Pacific Lutheran University before the 2021 football season.

During the 2020–21 season, Ketner worked as a defensive analyst for Division I FCS powerhouse Eastern Washington University before joining the Lutes.

Alongside his brother Cooper Kupp, Ketner played linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League before joining the EWU staff.

Kupp started three seasons at Eastern Washington, was team captain of the FCS National Championship squad in 2015, and finished his playing career with 267 tackles.

Moreover, he received a business management degree from Eastern Washington in 2018.

The Kupp’s Brothers United After The LA Rams Signed Linebacker Ketner Kupp

After signing linebacker Ketner Kupp from the Los Angeles Rams, the Kupp siblings were again together.

Cooper was present when the Rams signed Ketner on May 15, 2019, and the Rams described the signing as a “Kupple of brothers fulfilling the dream.”

In a similar manner, he was waived on August 30, 2019. However, he participated in all four preseason matches for the Rams and recorded a total of 18 tackles.

Ketner had a chance to make the team after recording 11 tackles in his last preseason game against the Houston Texans. But thanks to his brother, he was freed, leaving memories and a priceless souvenir behind.

Alongside Josh Lewis, another ex-Eagle, Ketner is employed part-time in the insurance sector.

His primary focus is parenting his twin children, Kaia James and Sienna Grace, born last October. He is married to former Eagle soccer star M’Kenna Hayes, per Sports.

Cooper Youngest Sister Katrina Is A Collegiate Soccer Player

According to nbcrightnow, his youngest sister, Katrina, graduated from Yakima’s Davis High School and is now a soccer player at Eastern Washington University.

She is the youngest child of her parents, who signed up with Eastern Washington to play soccer. In addition, she is relatively familiar with the institution and the program. All three of her brothers were Eagles, and two chose to compete in Eagles athletics.

Likewise, she was just nine years old when she first visited the University for her brother’s game. Her dad, grandpa, and, most recently, Cooper, Katrina’s oldest sibling, were all NFL players, resulting in three generations of NFL players.

The youngest, Kupp, is accustomed to living under the shadows and pressures of her family’s past and her siblings’ success, but she is determined to change that.

Like her mother, Katrina’s series unfolds as a collegiate soccer player. She puts in her effort and earns her spot as an Eagle.

LA Rams Wide Receiver Is The Oldest Among The Four Siblings

Multiple accounts claim Cooper is the oldest of the four children born to Craig and Karin.

In essence, the Kupp brothers may have an age difference of one or two years, while Katrina, the youngest of the four siblings, maybe three to four years junior to Cooper.

She was nine years old when she watched Cooper’s game at Eastern Washington University.

On June 15, 1993, in Yakima, Washington, the wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams was born. He is 29 years old.

Cooper Kupp Parents: His Mom And Dad Both Have Athletic Backgrounds

The 29-year-old wide receiver was born to athletic parents, making him the third generation of his family to play sports.

Cooper Kupp‘s father, Craig Kupp, was a 1990 fifth-round draft choice of the Giants, according to Basically, he was a member of the Phoenix Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys in 1991.

Kupp was the ninth quarterback drafted in the 1990 NFL Draft and was chosen by the New York Giants in the fifth round, 135th overall.

After failing to overtake Matt Cavanaugh on the depth chart on September 3, he was dismissed before the start of the season.

Per Heavy, Karin, Cooper’s mother, is a personal trainer who played soccer at Pacific Lutheran University; both the husband and wife are inducted into the school’s sporting hall of fame. 

His Grandfather Was A Offensive Lineman From 1964-75

Cooper Kupp’s grandfather, Jake Kupp, was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the ninth round of the 1964 NFL Draft. After being switched from tight end to offensive lineman, Kupp won All-Rookie honors in 1964 after playing ten games as a left guard.

After switching clubs many times over the years, Kupp finally found success in 1968 with the New Orleans Saints. The Washington Redskins had tried him out as a tight end, but the Saints kept him at guard, and the union was successful for both parties.

In 1969, Kupp was selected for the Pro Bowl and became one of the Saints’ captains. For four straight years, from 1969 to 1972, and then once more in 1974, he served as the offensive captain.

Besides, in 1991, the Saints honored Kupp by inducting him into their Hall of Fame.

According to, the Kupp family joins the Higgins-Suhey, Pyne, Matthews, and Chickillo families as the fifth family with three generations engaged in the NFL.

NFL Star Married To High School Sweetheart Anna Marie With Two Kids

Cooper and Anna Marie Kupp have come a long way in their relationship, from sharing a close bond to becoming husband and wife.

The couple officially said their vows on July 21, 2015, years after dating. Both pairs looked stunning in their wedding attire.

His wife, Anna Marie Kupp (nee Croskrey), grew up in Richland, Washington, with her five siblings and parents, Nathan and Veronica. In contrast, she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications focused on public relations. 

The two met while attending Eastern Washington University during their final year of high school. They met in person for the first time at a track meet and have been together ever since.

Aside from that, the couple is parents to two kids: Cooper Jameson, a son born on July 3, 2018, and Cypress Stellar, born on January 17, 2021.