What Is Lola Cheeks’s Real Name? 

Lola Cheeks’s real name is Lola Cheeks itself. In every social media account, she has used this name. In videos, she has referred to herself as ‘Lola.’

Yet, we still have to remember that ‘Lola Cheeks’ might also be her professional/stage name and not her real name. 

Necessary changes will be made if Lola says anything regarding her stage name and birth name. 

@lolaaaaacheeks it’s become so normal lol #BetterTogetherChallenge #nnn #roommates #roommateproblems ♬ original sound – Valentin Coronado


Meet Lola On Instagram 

Follow Lola Cheeks on Instagram. Her IG name is @lolaischeeky. 

It has not been long since she started using this platform. Her first post was uploaded on June 13th. It was a mirror selfie in a bathroom. Lola was showing her back and kept the caption, “please ignore my dirty shower.”

59.4k followers follow her. 


Lola Cheeks Boyfriend And Age

According to the same source that published the news about her punishment, they have said that Lola Cheeks’s age is 20. And in her Tik Tok bio, she has said that she is above 18 years old. 

Talking about Lola’s relationship, she has not said anything about this matter. 

Cheeks have kept her personal life under the radar of the public. 

Lola Cheeks Net Worth 

Her official net worth has not been published. No sources have reported on their website.

Cheeks is a rising web star. Her earnings might be between $200k to $400k. She is just starting to make a career online, and so her net worth is not huge. 

Lola makes her income from the Internet content subscription service, OnlyFans. To subscribe to her account, you have to pay $10 a month.