Laviai Nielsen Instagram, Age, Boyfriend, Race, Twin, Model, Origin, Bio

Athletes are the person who inspires me a lot. Their hard work to do the best. Their dedication and determination which always makes them better day by day. I find the story of the athlete very fascinating because of their competitive nature. This article is also about an athlete. Her name is Laviai Nielsen. She is one of the famous sprinters from England. She is famous for being fourth in the final at the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships. Below are more details about Laviai.

Laviai Nielsen’s Bio

Laviai is an English sprinter. She was raised in Leytonstone, East London. Talking about her academics, she is doing a bachelor’s degree in geography from King’s College London. Other information is not available.


Laviai is from London, England. Her ethnicity and background are not available because she has not revealed it,


There is no information available. However, looking at her body she is perfect to become a model.

Laviai Nielsen Twin (Lina Nielsen)

Laviai has a twin sister. Her name is Lina. Lina is also involved in sports. Along with her sister Laviai, she also participated in the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships. They are so same. Check out this picture and tell which one is Laviai and which one is Lina.

Laviai Nielsen Race

Talking about Liviai career in the race, she was a middle-distance runner before. Later in the year 2013, she along with her twin sister was approached for 400 meters race. Laviai made her personal best by reducing 2 seconds in her previous time. She again made improvement and reduced 4 seconds. You might be thinking it’s just seconds. But in race even millisecond matters. Moreover, Nielsen won the gold medal in the 2015 European Junior Championship in Sweden. In addition, she has also won the silver medal in 2017 championship in 4 * 400-meter relay.

Laviai Nielsen Boyfriend

Is it necessary to know about Laviai Nielsen’s boyfriend? If yes then I am very sorry to say that we don’t have the information. Laviai is not the person who shares everything about her life. In my opinion, she is probably single. She is more focused to make her career in sports rather than getting involved in relationships.

Laviai Nielsen Age (23 years old)

According to the famous birthday website, Laviai is 23 years old as of 2019. She was born in London. England. Her exact date of birth is March 13, 1996. Furthermore, she was born with Pisces as her birth sign. Many of the details about her childhood are not available. And she also has not revealed the details of her parents and families.

Laviai Nielsen Instagram

Laviai is very active in her social media mainly Instagram. She has her Instagram with the name of Laviai. She has a huge number of fan following in her Instagram. It’s about 32k followers. And she has followed about 1k people. Looking at her pictures on her Instagram, she seems to work out a lot. Many of her posts are related to her training. She also posts pictures with her twin sister. Moreover, most of her pictures on her Instagram are taken in the sports ground. When such a sports athlete is active on social media, it’s actually very good. They help other youths to get involved in sports. Looking at her pictures I myself want to get involved in the sport.