Lauryn Ham NBCLA Mother Alice Ham – Watch Viral Sucker Punch Video

NBCLA released a news report about a girl named Lauryn Ham getting assaulted by another player on a basketball court. Here is what her mother Alice Ham had to say about the incident. 

The referee told NBCLA that the mother of the girl who allegedly hit Lauryn Ham told her to hit her. The video of the girl hitting her has gone viral on the internet.

NBCLA Report On Lauryn Ham- Her Mother Alice Ham Filed Police Complaint

The shocking video is released by NBCLA where Alice Ham’s daughter, Lauryn Ham is seen getting a wild roundhouse punch that knocks her down to the floor.

The victim is currently on concussion protocol. Mother Alice Ham said that she has not been able to attend a school or focus on anything after the assault. According to her, she has been staying in a dark room and trying to get some rest.

The incident happened during a girls’ basketball tournament in Garden Grove over the weekend. The 15-year-old mom said that she was in total shock.

She added that people can see things happening in the video but she would have never imagined that it would happen to her child. She further said that she was watching other children play when the assault happened.

When she went to help her child, she was already holding a bag of ice and needed to be helped into the car.

Watch Viral Sucker Punch Video Of Lauryn Ham

Lauryn Ham getting a sucker punch video has gone viral on the internet. Viewers can see that the other team’s player takes and misses a three-point shot, then falls backward, knocking Lauryn down in the video.

The two stand up but as they return down the court, the other girl charges over to Lauryn and takes the aggressive swing that smashes into her chin and throat and knocks her down.

The player who assaulted her is said to be the daughter of a former NBA player. Alice claims that an eyewitness told her that the player’s mother incited her daughter into the assault. She told her daughter to hit her, claims Alice.

Thus, she has filed a police complaint with local law enforcement but there are no updates about the investigation.

How Old Is Lauryn Ham?- Find Out Her Age

Lauryn Ham is at the age of 15 according to the sources. However, there is no specified date of birth mentioned on the internet.