Kym Whitley parents: Meet Kaysonia Whitley & William Whitley

Kym Whitley: A Family Rooted in Achievement

Kym Whitley, the beloved American comedian, actress, and podcaster, is not just a star in her own right but also a product of a family deeply rooted in achievement. Born on July 21, 1961, in Shaker Heights, Ohio, she is the daughter of Kaysonia and William Whitley.

William Whitley, Kym’s father, was a trailblazer in the world of architecture. He served as a founding partner of Whitley & Whitley, a prominent black architectural business. The legacy of his company is etched in numerous remarkable projects, including the iconic Tower City Center, the esteemed Cleveland State University Convocation Center, the innovative Lincoln Junior High School, the Lee-Harvard Branch of the Cleveland Public Library, the pivotal Central Area Multi-Service Center, and the esteemed Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse. Through his visionary work, William Whitley left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of the region.

Kym’s mother, Kaysonia Whitley, was equally involved in ventures that contributed significantly to the development of the community. She was part of a collaborative effort to construct and build what is now known as Progressive Field, the home stadium of the Cleveland Indians. Her dedication to such a monumental project showcased her commitment to her community and its growth.

Growing up in a family deeply engaged in projects that shaped their community, Kym Whitley undoubtedly inherited a strong work ethic and a passion for making a difference. These values have been evident throughout her career, where she has continuously entertained and inspired audiences with her talent and humor.

As Kym Whitley continues to shine on the entertainment stage, her family’s legacy of achievement serves as a testament to the power of determination and dedication. With her roots firmly planted in a history of excellence, Kym Whitley’s journey is a testament to the enduring impact of family and community.