Kim Thúy Husband: Meet Francis Harvey.

Kim Thúy Ly Thanh, the acclaimed Vietnamese-born Canadian writer, not only enchants readers with her literary creations but also shares a captivating love story with her husband, Francis Harvey.

The love story began to unfold while Kim Thúy was working for Stikeman Elliott, where Francis Harvey entered the narrative.  In 1991, they formalized their union in marriage, a celebration of their shared journey and the promise of a future intertwined.

Their first major adventure as a couple unfolded in Vietnam, where they welcomed their first child. The vibrant tapestry of Vietnam became the backdrop to the early chapters of their family life.

The subsequent chapter of their love story unfolded in Bangkok, Thailand. Relocating due to Francis Harvey’s work, the couple continued to build their life together. The bustling streets of Bangkok became a canvas for new experiences and the arrival of their second child, expanding the dimensions of their familial bond.

Beyond their personal narrative, the couple has ventured into the culinary realm, bringing a taste of Vietnamese culture to Montreal. In the heart of the city, they launched the Ru de Nam restaurant, a culinary venture that reflects both their shared heritage and their commitment to sharing the richness of Vietnamese cuisine.