Kevin Federline Britney Spears: Has Kevin Federline said anything about free Britney?

Kevin Federline, Britney’s ex-husband shared a statement through his divorce attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. Federline, who was married to Britney from 2004 to 2007, explained that the singer’s best interests will benefit their two children, Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14.

When asked about the children, Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said, “The best thing for their mother to be healthy and happy.” “And if either of those things isn’t true, it doesn’t provide the best environment in which custody can be exercised.”

“[Kevin] certainly respects Britney and only wishes the best for her because when the best for her is achieved, it’s the best for their kids,” he said of Federline’s views.

“Britney has not been well served by the conservatorship, and it is inconsistent with what she wants,” Kaplan told People.

“I believe she should be able to challenge that.” And if it’s what’s best for her, Kevin is on board. “If she’s strong and healthy and wants to be in charge of her own life, and she can do so in a reasonable, responsible manner, then more power to her.”

“And if it’s no longer necessary, that’s also great,” he concluded. I just want to make sure that all of the factors, including how she’s doing, are considered if she seeks to change the custody order in the post-conservative era if that ever comes.”