Keion Henderson Is A Proud Father Of Five Daughters, All Of Whom Are Special In Their Own Ways

Keion Henderson has five daughters, Tynisha, Cadis, Katelyn, Amirah, and Me’arah, from 3 relationships.

Pastor Keion Henderson is a devout Christian whose biblical works know no bounds. With 20 years in active ministry, he has dedicated his whole life to making this world better.

Keion is the founder of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries, headquartered in Houston, Texas, one of the fastest-growing churches in America, including five campuses and 30 ministries with over 15,000 members.

Not only Christians but the pastor has inspired people from all backgrounds to face life with strength and courage. His motivational speeches and sermons leave significant impacts on people’s lives.

Aside from being a pastor, Keion is a great family man and a father to his five daughters, who deeply loves his children.

Keion Henderson Is Blessed With Five Daughters and Three Sons

Lighthouse Church pastor Keion has been a doting father to his five daughters and three sons.

Keion’s children are from his former and current relationships.

Keion may not be the biological father of all his children, but that doesn’t make the pastor love them any less. Keion grew up in a large family with five siblings raised by his single mother, Gwen.

Keion has two children with his ex-wife Felicia Henderson, Cadis Paige and Katelyn. While Katelyn is the ex-couple’s biological child, rest two are Felicia’s children from her previous relationship.

The oldest daughter is from Henderson’s former partner, whose name is a mystery.

Keion and his current wife, Shaunie O’Neal, don’t have children yet. But Keion has stepped in as a stepfather to Shaunie’s five children from her past marriage and relationship.

 Let’s Get to Know Keion Henderson’s Children

1. Tynisha Marcel

Tynisha was born to Keion’s ex-wife Felicia Henderson on July 20, 1995. Tynisha is now a mother to her beautiful baby boy Easton.

She was in the class of 2017 at Texas State University and got her BS in Management. She even secured a job at the top 5 accounting firms.

Keion prided his oldest daughter on doing an excellent job on the @Direction_est talk show. He was super happy to receive his first father’s day gift from his older daughter, Tynisha, back in 2014.

He shared his happiness by tweeting the picture of his gift with the caption,” My first Father’s Day gift of 2014 from my oldest daughter @tymarcel_ I Love Them!!!!”

2. Cadis Paige

Cadis is Felicia’s daughter, born on December 23, 2005. Keion has always been the supportive father to his middle daughter.

She is often referred to as Paige or Paigestatic by her mother, Felicia, on her Instagram posts. Paige was on her high school track team, and her mother couldn’t make me more proud of her track star.

In 2016, Paige performed with a mime for her father’s Lighthouse Church. Her proud father shared pictures of her performance on his Instagram.

Keion, on his Instagram post, said, “At ten years old, she already had a testimony. No child is perfect, and neither are any parents. But they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth! ”

3. Katelyn Henderson

Katelyn Henderson is the biological daughter of Keion and Felecia, born on July 18, 2012, after the couple’s marriage.

Kate is the entertainer of her family and often makes appearances on her mother’s Instagram feed as Kate the Great with her hilarious antics.

The 10-year-old loves spending time with her mom and sisters. She was the flower girl at her elder sister’s wedding. “Hand’s down the best flower girl ever!! Kate The Great !!” said her mother, Felecia.

4. Amirah O’Neal

Amirah O’Neal is Keion’s current wife, Shaunie O’Neal, and legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal’s daughter.

The 21 years old is a college athlete, currently playing for Texas Southern University. She plays basketball for the university at the forward position with a staggering height of 6 feet and 2 inches.

She is Los Angeles, CA native and attended Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences.

5. Me’arah O’Neal

Me’arah O’ Neal is Shaunie and Shaq’s youngest daughter. The 16 years old is also following in her father’s footsteps.

She is still in high school but has received offers to play college basketball from reputed universities such as UCLA, TCU, Virginia, and Howard University.

6. Myles O’ Neal

Myles is Shaunie’s oldest son, born in her previous relationship. The 25-year-old later took O’Neal’s surname.

He is a musician and model working for the entertainment industry. He appeared on the reality television series—basketball Wives in 2010 and Shaunie’s Home Court with his mom.

The model made his runway debut in Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2018 runway show during Milan Fashion Week.

7. Shareef O’Neal

Shareef, 22, is Shaq and Shaunie’s firstborn, playing college basketball like his other siblings.

He plays forward at Louisiana State University after transferring from UCLA in 2020. The athlete will be on the move again since his transfer period of 2 years at LSU is ending.

Shaq told The Big Podcast about his son, “Wherever he decides I’m behind him,” he added, “I hope wherever he goes he gets a shot.”

8. Shaqir O’Neal

Shaqir, similar to his siblings, is an aspiring athlete. He attended Union Grove high school in Los Angeles before joining LSU.

The 19-year-old plays forward at Texas Southern University, the university his sister, Amirah, attends.

Keion Henderson Married Shaunie O’Neal On May 28, 2022

Keion Henderson is married to TV personality Shaunie O’Neal. It was a second marriage for both pastor and Shaunie.

Henderson was previously married to Felicia Henderson and shared three daughters with her. The couple tied the knot on August 7, 2010, and remained married for nine years.

The couple parted ways in 2019 due to personal reasons and have moved forward in their respective lives.

The pastor was well acquainted with Shaunie for a long time, but they only began dating after Keion divorced his ex-wife. The couple got engaged on a tropical island in a romantic setup planned by Keion.

He proposed to Shaunie at 11:11 with a 4.22-karat ring and arranged a private fireworks display. According to the couple’s rep, the timing has been “a meaningful symbolism and point of connection,” “as mentioned by People.

Keion and Shaunie married in a vibrant event on May 28, 2022. They exchanged vows at Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club over Memorial Day weekend in the presence of 200 guests.

Shaunie was previously married to former American Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal until the couple officially divorced in 2011. The couple had separated in 2007 but reconciled in 2009, but Shaunie later filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

She has four children from Shaq two daughters and two sons. Her firstborn is from her past relationship before she went out with Shaq.

The newly married couple has yet to complete a year of marital partnership and has no children.

Shaunie & Keion’s Destination “I Do” Is starting on November 28 In VH1

Shaunie and Keion’s Destination I Do is a new reality TV series on VH1. The three-part special will premiere on November 28.

The show will follow the Basketball Wives star, 47, and her pastor husband, 41, as they prepare for their destination wedding this past May.

The couple got married at Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club, with over 200 guests attending the wedding. Their reality series will show all the activities that lead up to their wedding.

They will be juggling a lengthy list of wedding and business demands and handling the stewardship of a 15,000-member congregation on the side while making sure it doesn’t put a damper on their day.

VH1’s upcoming reality show is executive produced by Lashan Browning, Donna Edge-Rachell, Paris Baldwin, Daniel Wiener, Alissa Horowitz, and Kim McCoy. Paula Aranda serves as Executive Producer and Jada Ford as Co-Executive Producer for VH1.

Shaunie is also the executive producer, and Keion is the producer. VH1 released a 30-second trailer of the first episode on November 16. The trailer is available to watch on VH1’s official website.