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Kay Hagan Biography

Kay Hagan ( Born Janet Kay Hagan ) was an American lobbyist and retired politician who served as the United States Senator from North

Carolina from 2009 to 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, she previously served in the North Carolina Senate from 1999 to 2009. When Hagan defeated Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole in the 2008 election she became the first woman to defeat an incumbent woman in a U.S. Senate election. She ran for reelection in 2014 and lost to Republican challenger Thom Tillis in a close race.

Kay Hagan Age

Janet Kay Hagan  (May 26, 1953) was an American lobbyist and retired politician who served as the United States Senator from North Carolina from 2009 to 2015.

Kay Hagan Height

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Kay Hagan Family

Hagan was born Janet Kay Ruthven in Shelby, North Carolina, the daughter of Jeanette (née Chiles), a homemaker (and sister of Lawton Chiles, future Governor of Florida), and Josie Perry “Joe” Ruthven, a tire salesman. Both Hagan’s father and her brother served in the U.S. Navy. She spent most of her childhood in Lakeland, Florida. Leaving the tire business, her father branched out into real estate development, primarily focused on industrial warehouses and warehouse-centered business parks in the Lakeland and Polk County, Florida area. With business, success came political engagement, in this case with the Democratic Party, with her father later becoming mayor of Lakeland. failed verification] To this day, the multigenerational Ruthven family remains one of the wealthiest and most politically influential families in Lakeland and Southwest Central Florida.

Kay Hagan U.S. Senate 2008 election

Main article: 2008 United States Senate election in North Carolina
After Hagan first decided not to run against Elizabeth Dole, the Swing State Project announced on October 26, 2007, that two independent sources had reported that Hagan would, in fact, run. Hagan made her candidacy official on October 30, 2007. She defeated investment banker Jim Neal of Chapel Hill, podiatrist Howard Staley of Chatham County, Lexington truck driver Duskin Lassiter, and Lumberton attorney Marcus Williams in the May 2008 Democratic primary.

Kay Hagan Photo

Hagan at a Barack Obama rally in 2008.

Hagan was initially given little chance against Dole, and she was recruited to the race only after more prominent North Carolina Democrats such as Governor Mike Easley, former Governor Jim Hunt, and Congressman Brad Miller all declined to compete against Dole. However, most polling from September onward showed Hagan slightly ahead of Dole, although Hagan had previously fallen behind by as many as 17 points at one point. Hagan was helped by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s aggressive push for North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes and by 527 groups lobbying on her behalf. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee expended more money in North Carolina than in any other state during the 2008 election season.

In late October, the Dole campaign released a television ad that stated the leader of the Godless Americans PAC had held “a secret fundraiser in Kay Hagan’s honor.” The ad showed sound bites of group members espousing their views, then stated Kay Hagan “hid from cameras, took Godless money… what did Hagan promise in return?” It ended with a photo of Hagan and a female voice saying, “There is no God.” The ad aired across North Carolina.

Hagan, a member of First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro and a former Sunday school teacher, condemned the ad as “fabricated and pathetic,” and filed a lawsuit in Wake County Superior Court accusing Dole of defamation and libel.[19]Following Hagan’s victory, the lawsuit was dropped. The ad was roundly criticized in local and several national media outlets, including by CNN’s Campbell Brown, who said about the ad: “[A]mid all the attack ads on the airwaves competing to out-ugly one another, we think we’ve found a winner.”

In the November election, Hagan won with 53% of the vote to Dole’s 44 percent. The Miami Herald reported that campaign ads on both sides were negative. Hagan’s victory was partially attributed to anger over the “Godless” ad.Hagan trounced Dole in the state’s five largest counties—Mecklenburg, Wake, Guilford, Forsyth, and Durham. She also did very well in the eastern part of the state, actually outperforming Obama in that region. Her victory returned the seat that had once been held by Jesse Helms to the Democrats. Helms had won the seat in 1972, handing it to Dole in 2002.

Kay Hagan Net Worth

Kay Hagan has a net worth of approximately $24 million.

Kay Hagan Dead

Former Democratic Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina dies at age 66

FILE PHOTO: Then-U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) speaks with the media after addressing a group of campaign volunteers in Cornelius, North Carolina November 1, 2014. REUTERS/Chris Keane/File Photo

Hagan had battled with encephalitis or inflammation of the brain for about three years after suffering a tick bite. She died in her sleep at her home in Greensboro, North Carolina, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“We are heartbroken to share that Kay left us unexpectedly this morning,” her family said in a statement to Reuters and other media.

“Kay meant everything to us, and we were honored to share her with the people of North Carolina whom she cared for and fought for so passionately as an elected official,” the statement said.

Before running for the U.S. Senate, Hagan worked in the banking industry and served in the North Carolina state Senate.

Hagan defeated Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole in the 2008 election, in which Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama won the Southern state in a reversal of years of losses there by Democrats. Dole, a former Cabinet secretary, is the wife of former U.S. senator and 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole.

Hagan served on several Senate committees, including the Armed Services Committee. Her father and brother had both been in the U.S. Navy.

In 2010, she joined other Democrats in voting for the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, which became Obama’s signature domestic legislation.

The same year, Hagan became one of only five Democrats in the Senate to vote against a bill to allow immigrants who entered the United States as children without authorization to legally remain in the country. The bill, known as the DREAM Act, was defeated.

Hagan narrowly lost to Thom Tillis, the Republican speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, in the 2014 election.

Tillis, in a statement on Twitter, said he and his wife, Susan, were “absolutely heartbroken by Senator Kay Hagan’s sudden passing.”

Obama in a statement called Hagan a “terrific” public servant “eager to find common ground, willing to rise above the partisan fray, and always focused on making progress for the people she served.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading Democratic contender for the party’s nomination to face Republican President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, said in a statement he saw Hagan and her husband, Chip, during a stop in Durham, North Carolina, on Sunday. He called Hagan a crucial ally in the Obama administration’s battle to pass the Affordable Care Act.

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