Kashmir Welcomes Emraan Hashmi With Stone Pelting

Performer Emraan Hashmi was purportedly pelted with stones in Kashmir during the shooting of Ground Zero in Jammu and Kashmir, in any case, the performer enthusiastically denied the tattle, as per NDTV.

A couple of media reports in like manner ensured that the Jannat performer was hurt in light of the pelting of the stone during the shooting of the film.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old performer excused the reports of injury and tweeted them misguided.

Regardless, a man was caught for throwing stones at the gathering people after the film shoot got done with, as per neighborhood police specialists.

The police official made declaration scrutinizes, “Mr Hashmi and the film group have been going for ‘Ground Zero’ in Kashmir for the past around fourteen days and have not defied any issues. The episode in Pahalgam was an isolated one and impacted only a solitary person.”

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A few media reports likewise guaranteed that the Jannat entertainer was harmed because of the pelting of the stone during the shooting of the film.