Kal Penn Danced with a Strawberry at Harry Styles Concert: ‘There Might Have Been Two Vodkas Involved’

Kal Penn won’t hesitate to allow the music to move him.

At a new Harry Styles show, Penn, 45, concedes he “genuinely didn’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store. I appear, and from the time it begins, I’m moving my go head to head.”

The entertainer saw a specific fan in the line before him who was wearing a strawberry outfit.

“She’s tossing down all along,” he reviews. “By and by, I was like, ‘I’m hitting the dance floor with you.’ There could have been two vodkas included.”

Penn, who stars in the new blood and gore movie, Grin, and the impending Disney+ restricted series, The St Nick Conditions, addressed Individuals for Something final: Last time I cried: I jumped into Dunkin’ Doughnuts, and there was an English bull­ canine in there. I pet her, and my hand all over felt precisely as it did when I’d pet our bulldog, who spent away the year before.

I began heading back home and completely lost it.

Last game I played: Carrom. It’s a board with four pockets, and you flick these plates into them.

I’m not serious. Indeed, I’m at smaller than usual golf, yet that is on the grounds that I fly off the handle, as Cheerful Gilmore­ style.

Last time I remained up past the point of no return: I’m a geek for space science. You can join to get a text when the space station is passing above.

I’ve set the alert for 3:30 in the first part of the day to go look.

Last style debacle: In school, as post­ Nirvana, Pearl Jam time, everything was larger than average, and it wasn’t complimenting.

I was never at fault for jorts, however I truly do remain by my freight pants.

Grin is currently playing in theaters. The St Nick Provisos debuts on Disney+ on Nov. 16.